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Welcome to From My Sweetheart, where we celebrate the joy and beauty of life with our feline friends. Our mission is to provide cat lovers with a delightful space filled with stories, tips, and inspiration for a purr-fectly wonderful life with their furry companions.

Our Story:

From My Sweetheart was born out of a deep love for cats and the desire to share the joy they bring into our lives. Started in 2017 by cat enthusiasts Jane and Mark, the blog has grown into a community of fellow cat lovers who appreciate the charm and quirks of our feline companions.

Meet the Team:

Jane – Founder and Chief Cat Enthusiast Jane’s passion for cats started in her childhood, and she has since dedicated her life to creating a haven for cat lovers worldwide. Her favorite feline friend is Whiskers, a mischievous tabby with a heart of gold.

Mark – Creative Director Mark brings creativity and flair to From My Sweetheart. He’s the artistic mind behind the captivating visuals that bring our cat-centric stories to life. His cat companion is Luna, a sleek black cat with a playful spirit.

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Thank you for visiting From My Sweetheart. We hope our blog brings a smile to your face and adds a touch of sweetness to your life with your beloved cats!