Vintage Cakes


Vintage Cakes | From My Sweet Heart

Do you like to bake cakes?  Or maybe you just like eating them?!

Vintage Cakes is definitely a must have cake book for anyone who is crazy for cake.  I have baked extensively from this book and it is among my most favorite cookbooks.  I actually bought this book for the beauty of it’s cover and the many wonderfully nostalgic recipes within.  The photography is lovely and tempting.  The cakes are unique and diverse.  But more importantly, the recipes are spot on.  Each cake turning out as fabulously as the next!

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Oregon Dark Cherry & Oatmeal Bars

Oregon Dark Cherry & Oatmeal Bars | From My Sweet Heart

“IN THE CHERRY BLOSSOM’S SHADE THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS A STRANGER.”  Kobayashi Issa Do you have cherry trees where you live? Here in the nation’s capital, we are awaiting the bloom of the cherry blossoms.  To me, that is the kick off to springtime.  And it always has me thinking of cherries.  I love…

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Luscious Lemon Cake

Luscious Lemon Cake | From My Sweet Heart

“SING ME A LOVE SONG IN A SLOW, SOUTHERN DRAWL TO THE TUNE OF SUNNY DAYS . . .”  Kellie Elmore. What are your thoughts on lemon cake? Lemon cake to me is an edible love song.  It’s devouring sunshine no matter what the weather.  And it’s always uplifting.  The Cake Slice bakers are baking…

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Do Si Do Mini Bundts #BundtBakers

Do Si Do Mini Bundts | From My Sweet Heart

“OURS IS A CIRCLE OF FRIENDSHIPS UNITED BY IDEALS.”  Juliette Gordon Low. Do you buy Girl Scout cookies every year? I do!  To me, it’s just another ritual of spring.  We all have our favorites.  Mine are Do Si Dos; sweet oatmeal cookies sandwiched with a peanut butter filling.  So it was very exciting when…

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Soft Lemon Sugar Cookies

Soft Lemon Sugar Cookies | From My Sweet Heart

“. . . AND THEN I DECIDED I WAS A LEMON FOR A COUPLE OF WEEKS.”  Douglas Adams. Do you ever get on a flavor kick that you just can’t shake? For me, it happens all the time with lemons.  Especially after the holidays when you feel like you are tired of the heaviness of…

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Whole Orange & Almond Cake

Whole Orange & Almond Cake | From My Sweet Heart

“TO BE GREAT, BE WHOLE; EXCLUDE NOTHING, EXAGGERATE NOTHING THAT IS NOT YOU.”  Fernando Pessoa. Don’t you love baking cakes that are simple and uncomplicated? I love those cakes that mix up in one bowl, with few ingredients, bake in one pan, require no frosting, involve very little clean up, AND taste amazing!  This is…

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Parmesan Garlic Grissini #Twelve Loaves

Parmesan Garlic Grissini | From My Sweet Heart

“IL PANE APRE TUTTE LE BOCCHE.”  Italian Proverb. Bread opens all mouths.  Especially when the bread is Italian! Twelve Loaves is a group of bakers who are dedicated to the art of baking bread.  Once a month we are given an ingredient or theme.  The end result is up to us.  Thank you to Lora…

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