Find out some amazing facts about Susan Boyle weight loss photos now. Check out the before and After photographs so you can better understand her transformation.

Susan Boyle is an amazing songstress who had risen to fame through the Britain’s Got Talent franchise. While her beautiful voice and charming smile cannot be overlooked, her Weight loss transformation is also amusing and almost unbelievable.

Today, you will see Susan Boyle weight loss photos, and the things she did to loss weight.

With the weight and appearance that had subjected her to bullying as a child, her performance at the Britain’s Got Talent had given her the ups and also given spectators something to talk about especially about being nonjudgmental.

Susan Boyle weight loss

Susan Boyle had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes by her doctors in 2012, when she wasn’t able to keep tabs on her diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle due to demands that comes with being famous and talented. She was diagnosed with Asperger which came as a blow to her career.

That was when she decided to make a change and transform her life and save her singing career, and to achieve that she took three big steps.

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Top 3 things about Susan Boyle weight loss

1. She cut out sugar from her diet.
After the diagnosis, Susan Boyle’s doctors advised that she cut out sugar from her diet, mostly simple sugars, since sugar was the culprit in her health challenge. And diabetes if not careful results to weight gain, fatigue, and skin conditions, and might even lead to kidney damage, heart disease, or even death.

Susan went from eating industrial sugars to eating natural sugars from fruits and vegetables, and started consuming more of healthy fats and proteins by eating more lean meat, nuts, and seeds. The natural sugar helped Susan Boyle weight loss journey to be on track.

2. She used supplements.
Not only did the songstress cut out sugar from her diet and started eating healthy fats and proteins. She also began to use supplements.

Supplements have been used by people looking forward to losing weight, mainly because it increases metabolism.

3. She exercised.
Susan Boyle also added exercise to her schedule. Dieting and eating healthy is not the end of it all. Exercising is important when it comes to losing weight and the right diet calories together with working out does an excellent job on the body.

Susan Boyle made effective use of exercise, to shed pounds. And at age 50, she had to go easy on her knees. So she started walking.

Susan Boyle weight loss Photography

Check out some other transformation pictures from Susan Boyle weight loss now.

Susan Boyle weight loss

Susan Boyle weight loss

With 2-mile walk, she could lose 50 pounds and also lower her blood sugar levels without any adverse effects on her knees.

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