Are you looking for Noom reviews Reddit in 2020? if yes, then here are the top 3 reviews you must see today.

Noon is a paid weight loss app that incorporates a weekly plan, provides you with a coach so as to help you live healthily, The plan also helps you with measuring your calorie intake and uses colors to teach the health implication for every food you take.

Check out the first Noom reviews from Reddit users in 2020 below now;

Top Noom reviews Reddit

Hi I’m Laura, stay at home mom to two school-aged kids. You can’t tell but in the picture on the left, my jeans are unbuttoned and being held up by my belt, tightly fastened on the last year

I decided to try this new weight loss program that I found. It’s a paid app and, while it wasn’t perfect, it was different from any other weight loss program or product out there.

You might be wondering if I work for Noom, but I do not. I paid for the program myself, finished the whole program, had a great experience, lost my weight and then canceled my membership.


No.2 top Noom reviews Reddit

Hi everyone, I wanted to give my opinion of noom as I have seen some bad reviews and wanted people who are thinking of it to know my experience. I started noom about 2 weeks ago and I love it! My goal specialist checks in with me throughout the week to see how I am doing.

I was apprehensive about weighing myself daily but quickly the fear of the scale was defeated. I can log meals manually or with a barcode which I love. I also love how it has foods broken into colors but stresses that eating red is not bad either.

Noom reviews Reddit

And the last on our list of Noom reviews Reddit in 2020 is from UK based user.

I’m based in UK. I’ve been using Noom for about 8 weeks in conjunction with another meal planning app called Nootric that works with a nutritionist to plan weekly meals for me. I got the new year’s sub with Noom for a minimal price. For me, for the minimal price, it’s a great deal – at the original price, I would be very disappointed.

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