Do you know that Mama June weight loss Transformation is one of the most dramatic celebrity weight loss ever? Our “Honey boo boos” mom in the show Toddler & Tiaras and here comes Honey boo boo weight loss photos are here.

Mama Junes real name is June Shannon. She has always been a controversial celebrity.

She got pregnant first at age 14 and dropped out of high school. She has dated several convicted child molester including Mike Thompson, father to her daughter Alanna.

Mama June weight loss

Mama June weight loss transformation didn’t happen secretly, a documentary series called Mama June recorded the whole process.

In 2016, She had the gastric sleeve surgery. During the surgery procedure, the stomach size is
reduced by 75%. You barely get hungry and this helps to reduce your calorie intake .

You need to also know that a professional trainer Kenya crooks, played a big role in Mama June weight Loss success.

She worked really hard to get fitted in a size 4 dress she planned to wear to her Ex’s wedding. It was a revenge body goal.

Even with the surgery the body still needs commitment and lifestyle changes. She had to commit to a new meal plan which included drastically reduced portion of food.

Mama June weight loss

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Tips about Mama June weight loss

She also began doing exercises. She said “ and now I feel like becoming a person on the outside that I always felt on the inside”.

She lost a Whooping 84 pounds in just three months. She went from a size 18 to a size 4.

Shannon also underwent a skin removal surgery following her fast weight loss results.

She also did breast augmentation to complete the beautifying process.

Mama June weight loss Photos

Mama June weight loss

Mama June weight loss

Mama Junes daughter Alanna says she is proud of her mother.

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