Is Maltodextrin Keto? Let us show you why you should avoid this Ingredient now. Maltodextrin is commonly found on food labels. It is a white powder that can be made from rice, corn, wheat, or potato starch. Despite the fact that it comes from vegetables, it is highly processed in order to create the final product.

It’s made by cooking the starches, then adding enzymes or acids like alpha-amylase to break it down even further through hydrolysis. This chemical reaction breaks the starch down into tiny pieces to allow the product to be more easily absorbed when it is consumed. The final product is a water-soluble white powder.

Maltodextrins are somewhat related to corn syrup solids in that they both undergo hydrolysis.
However, their sugar content differs quite a bit: corn syrup solids have a minimum of 20% sugar, while the maltodextrin is less than 20% sugar, which is why many people use it as a sugar substitute.

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About Maltodextrin

Maltodextrin is not just used as a sugar substitute, but also as a filler in foods. It thickens food products to increase their volume and preserves the shelf life of processed and packaged foods.

It is found in products such as canned fruit, desserts, powdered drinks, and nutrition bars.
It’s even used in non-food items like hair care products and skin lotions as a thickener.

Many food manufacturers use maltodextrin as a binding agent for their food products.
It’s also used to give the flavor and texture of foods a boost while increasing their shelf life. Here are some other potential benefits of maltodextrin.

Although maltodextrin does not have any nutritional value, the body is able to absorb it quickly, providing the body with a quick burst of energy.
Also, many physically active individuals and athletes use maltodextrin as part of their overall sports nutrition regimen for this specific purpose.

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maltodextrin keto

Is maltodextrin keto?

Many companies use maltodextrin to add to their sports beverages, supplements, and protein bars to allow physically active individuals to quickly replenish energy stores after physical activity

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