Find out all the mindblowing things about Lipozene in 2020 now. You will find out some things about the reviews, and how to submit your complaints today. Lipozene is quite well known these days as a diet pill that claims to help you lose weight.

Kindly note that Lipozene is a brand name of a dietary supplement by Obesity Research Institute LLC. It claims that you can lose all the unwanted body weight. Lipozene generally works when taken before meals that help you feel fuller and decrease your food portions.

Lipozene is all-natural and doesn’t contain caffeine or any other stimulants that will make you feel tired all the time.

Note: There were a series of negative reviews and complaints about Lipozene in 2017, 2018 and even 2019,

The main ingredient of Lipozene is Glucomannan. Glucomannan is useful to control type 2-diabetes, treat constipation and keep your cholesterol in check.

The most basic advantage of this is that since it makes you feel that you’re full it doesn’t even deprive you of food.

Besides glucomannan, each capsule of Lipozene contains 1500 mg of amorphophallus konjac commonly known as konjac powder.

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Is Lipozene safe

The recommended dosage of this capsule is 2 capsules, 3 times a day 30 minutes before each meal. Each bottle contains 30 capsules. However, these capsules are neither evaluated nor approved by the FDA. This makes it a little less reliable to use.

It makes the consumers think that you don’t need to change your dietary plan and just stick to these pills and get into your desired shape

But in order to make it more work effectively, it will be advisable to make some meal changes also add some exercise along with it.

Because nothing is truly effective in weight loss until you are physically active a little conscious about what you eat.

These pills are easily available at various places but the safest place to buy it from is Amazon (rather than the official website because… trust.) instead of the official website for these pills. They are available for only $29.95.

Each bottle contains only 30 pills and around 6 pills have to be consumed each day so that means one bottle will last maximum for a week.

In order for you to feel the effects of these pills purchasing just one bottle won’t be enough. You will need to spend a lot of resources before you feel any difference and if you don’t find the necessary changes all the money spent might go into the drain.

Now this answer is pretty debatable since it has worked and led to weight loss for a lot of people but there are lots of other people who have not felt any changes what so ever.

Now, one cannot clearly determine if they have lost weight because of these pills or just the changes you make in your lifestyle along with these pills. The solution is only one, you won’t know until you try.

So before you go and grab your bottle of Lipozene, let’s also have a look at some of the side effects.

Lipozene side effects

Lipozene is a diet pill made up of natural components like the konjak powder. It is to be taken with water and that is how it reacts with your stomach making you feel full.

This simply results for you to eat less and thus make you lose weight. But all these simple solutions are never so simple they all have dangers associated with it.

The most basic and non-severe problem faced by the consumption of these pills is the same as that when you have consumed a lot of fiber.

The problem is mainly gastrointestinal in nature like bloating of stomach, the problem of gas and diarrhea. However, it doesn’t lead to the intestinal obstruction which is the only relief.

The next problem that you might have to deal with is not health-related rather is pocket related. These pills though are cheap if you see it as buying a bottle only; due to the instructed dosage, you need at least 3 bottles a month making it a little harsh on your pocket.

You may also feel a little uneasiness in your stomach constantly along with the constant feeling to puke.

These were however only the less harmful side effects of Lipozene. There are some effects which are really harmful in the long run.

Blood pressure fluctuations. Lipozene is known to be really helpful for diabetics since it helps to control your blood sugar level but since it lowers the blood sugar it can be really harmful to diabetic patients.

Since it is rich in fiber content, it is known to provide relief from constipation. This is actually good but only in the short run. In the long run, if taken for a very long time it can lead to severe diarrhea.

The components of Lipozene can mix with the bacteria of the stomach and cause stomach pain and cramps. These cramps are known to be really painful and bothering sometimes. These pills are also known to cause harmful skin allergic reactions.

These reactions should be treated by a doctor immediately. Some of these reactions are itching, wheezing, skin rashes, swelling of the face and throat, as well as breathing complications.

Pregnant mothers should especially avoid these drugs because it is advisable to not consume any drug during pregnancy unless approved or specified by the doctor otherwise.

Even mothers who are breastfeeding should stay away from these weight loss pills since during the lactation period the mother requires loads of calories.

Since it is made up of chemicals it can have a varied effect when mixed with any other medicine. So if you are already on some medication always consult your doctor before consuming it.

The first and foremost problem with Lipozene diet pills is the cost factor. These pills don’t come cheap and there is no guarantee that these pills are actually effective so you end up gambling away your money. It is usually too late before you finally realize these pills were a waste of your money.

Some of these pills contain fat blockers, i.e. they remove fat from intestines which causes uncomfortable cramping as well as problems of gas and diarrhea. Overindulging in these pills can cause your blood pressure to rise considerably. This will be a serious danger for people already suffering from blood pressure problems.

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You will feel very anxious or restless after having them. There is a feeling of uneasiness and at times you also feel very light-headed. These symptoms side effects of majorly all weight-loss drugs and last for a long time before you feel normal again.


Does Lipozene work?

There is no guarantee that Lipozene even works. The food and drug administration doesn’t approve these pills to be sold in the market.

Lipozene complaints

You can make complaints on the companies official website or place reviews on Amazon, or Walmart after buying them.


  1. When I ordered Lipozene on-line I did not get an order confirmation. When I clicked on order status on your web site I got a message to call customer service. When tried to call customer service I had trouble completing the process to check on my order. Then when I finally completed the process I was on hold for 30 minutes without getting to talk to someone about my order status. This looks more and more like a rip off. I’m sorry I ever ordered the pills.

  2. I purchase Lipozene back in JUNE for your $29.99 but my account has paid out $30.04 in JULY and another $33.49 this month and I would like it to stop I have not received any other orders from your company.
    And could you please put that money back in my account as soon as possible. Thanks Linda N Kinard


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