Today, we will tell you more about Jorge Garcia weight loss journey, you will see the before and after photos. The pictures will let you know if his weight loss diet is working or not.

Jorge whose role in LOST had been a boost on his acting career does not seem to care about his big sized body, he was one of the celebrities who appreciates their body and love themselves the way they are, but not just that, Jorge Garcia loved to have his hands in his mouth always, meaning he loved to have edibles in his mouth every now and then.

One would have thought he also had no reason to be worried about his size considering the awards he had bagged for the LOST. One would say he is living a good life, with some other film gigs which he featured like LITTLE ATHENS, DECK THE HALLS, and some others but there were fears that his big size could lead to his death.

Not that Jorge Garcia was suffering from any disease, but his eating lifestyle was something to be worried about because it was making him prone to some diseases. Being overweight was a result of his eating habits.

Before Jorge Garcia weight loss started, his weight had not really been a threat to his career, he was however told to reduce weight for LOST.

But to the disappointment of his fans who had been expecting to see an amazing weight loss in LOST, not much difference could be seen in the actor and because of that, he returned to his unhealthy eating lifestyle.

His doctors had tried to intervene when he hit 400Ibs, they advised him to let go of his unhealthy diet but nothing serious happened.

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How Jorge Garcia weight loss Started

However Garcia was aided by an expert dietician and workout trainers, and his unhealthy diet was taken away to be replaced by a healthy intake. He also started taking the Nooch diet.

Fruits and veggies, protein-rich and low carb food were introduced into his diet with the workout. He also stopped taking alcohol, and with this 30 pounds was off.

But since he was not able to shed more weight, he gave up on the weight loss plan and went back to his former lifestyle.

Jorge Garcia’s weight began to pose more threats to his life since he could end up diabetic, or with cardiac problems. Health experts were looking out for the reason behind his eating habits so that they could find a way to treat him.

Jorge Garcia had followed the Nooch diet, powered by deactivated yeast and though it has not been proven to shed off extra pounds.

Nooch helps to shed weight faster with healthy food like veggies, spinach, carrots, and other protein and fibrous food, Garcia also stopped alcohol which adds in weight.

Jorge Garcia weight loss Jorge Garcia weight loss

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Jorge Garcia weight loss

Jorge Garcia weight loss exercise routine

  1. Arms circles (clockwise and anticlockwise)
  2. Wrist rotation   (clockwise and anticlockwise)
  3. Shoulder rotation   (clockwise and anticlockwise)
  4. Neck rotation (clockwise and anticlockwise)
  5. Jogging or Running
  6. Stairs running
  7. Sit-ups
  8. Air cycling
  9. Pushups
  10. Breathing exercises
  11. Face exercise

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