This page is all about Chrissy Metz weight loss update. You are about seeing here before and After photos now.

Chrissy’s role as Kate in the movie “ This is us” is one touching story. She played the role of Katie a lady who struggled with weight loss.
In the movie, Kate was open about her weight loss journey and this was something Chrissy could instantly connect to.

Chrissy Metz weight loss

Chrissy told The Hollywood Reporter “ Kate was a real woman who was really struggling and all I could think was oh my God, I am Kate”

Chrissy Metz weight loss
Chrissy Metz weight loss

Chrissy in an interview with Hollywood wood Reporter said she was “born chubby”.
Here’s what Chrissy Metz said about self image, her weight loss story, and how it connected to Dan Fogel’s movie “ This is us.

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About Chrissy Metz weight loss

Chrissy Metz weight loss
Before Chrissy Metz weight loss began trending online, she reveled that she spent her childhood at Gainesville Florida, with her mother, step father and four of her siblings.
In her interview with Glamour in 2019 she said “ There were nights my mum wouldn’t eat dinner. I knew she was giving up food to make sure we could eat, but when you’re 9 years old you can’t help.

In retrospect I think that’s why food equals love in my family. It’s the way we showed love.
My Grandmother would make me grilled cheese sandwich every time she picked me up from school “. In her memoir” This is me” she said “ My body seemed to offend my stepfather but he couldn’t help but stare when I was eating. We had lived with a lack of food for so long that I had to eat it before it disappeared.

Food was my only happiness” . In Chrissy Metz weight loss story, she said she was eleven  when she had gone to weight Watchers and had felt awkward in the room because she was the youngest.

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Chrissy’s way of building her self esteem is through Kindness. According to our findings, Chrissy Metz weight loss journey has not been an easy one, but to her kindness is supreme.
In her own words “ When I can be kind and of service, when I’m loving then that creates true confidence within yourself.
In 2017, Chrissy wore a red latex dress to the MTV movie & TV awards and body shaming trolls attacked her.

Chrissy took to Instagram to correct them “ I hope that in some small way, an unconventional body wearing an unconventional material open up discussions hearts and minds, I truly had an idea it would make anyone comfortable, I wanted to try something different. But for the record “ I wear what I want, when I want, news flash it’s my body”.
When the show first aired Chrissy revealed that she signed a contract requiring her to lose weight along with the character Kate. The Chrissy Metz weight loss contract made Mets to be even more famous than she used to be.
Chrissy said it was a “win win “for her but she was going to do it on her own terms and pace.

Photography of Chrissy Metz weight loss

Chrissy Metz weight loss

Chrissy is set to produce her own movie and drop her debut album in 2020. In case you want us to update you about the latest news concerning Chrissy Metz weight loss from 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, then drop a comment below now.


  1. Chrissy Metz – you are a beautiful woman and I do so adore your character of Kate!! Keep on keepin on! I am a fan!!

    • Why would someone say something so harsh? Can’t we just be happy and care about others unconditionally? Rejoice with people, with others, when they try and do, and even if they fail, at least they tried. There are none of us, who are the same. There are none of us as strong today as we may not be two days from now. We spend so much time labeling, judging, fault-finding, backbiting, determining what is acceptable and is not, that we never see people, we see objects, images, that we can move around like checkers on a board. We don’t see a person, or another human-being when we say things to them or about them–because we wouldn’t do it.

      Well, who died and made you or me God? We could never be God, because we are imperfect, sinful, and human. We could never be God, because He looks for the GOOD in us, not the BAD. So before we Judge, or hurt someone with our words and actions, think who we are really like, then we will have our answer.

  2. I am so glad she is doing this for her. I know how it feels being so over Weight I lost 420 pounds I am down to 175-pound man I can do what I did when I was 18 years old it feels so good to dance and do what I want to do. I know she has the money but she could not be happy not to do much with it. Now she got it all. She is a beautiful woman then and now

  3. Chrissy I just love you on This is Us…..I love that show also. I am so glad you are taking care of you…this picture looks just fabulous…..just like you…

  4. Chrissy you are such an inspiration girl. So beautiful and kind . Im going to show my daughter your progress and hope and pray she will be then on her way to her weight loss journey she is 25 and 160 kgs so beautiful just like you

  5. I to came from a poor family growning up there was 12 of us so food was limited !! I also have been fighting with my weight but I finally decided to do the right thing by losing weight and going to the gym lose 8 pds so far so . so i’m praying that you continue to go for your goal we love you !! Gloia

  6. My mother was over 400 lbs. when she died. She was only 63 years old. She was frustrated with life most of her life and took it out on us. There was 8 of us and me and my sister lived with her grandmother, who was backwards as hell, but she didn’t physically or verbally abuse us.

    I wish my mother had taken control of her life, but she didn’t know how. I’m glad you are appreciating yours. Keep going, you’re worth it.

  7. So happy that you are doing this for yourself and yourself only. I am so happy that you are getting back your health and happiness, you look beautiful!

  8. Chrissy, This is amazing! It is so great to see that you are doing this for yourself and to get your health and happiness in better control. And not for someone or something else. You are am amazing actress and i love seeing you on This Is Us and I cant wait till the new season starts. But Be safe during this crazy time with all the covid-19 stuff. I know it makes things rather difficult. But it is great to see you making yourself healthy & doing what is best for you. Ignore all the jerks who say mean and rude shit. They only say that because deep down they are miserable in there own lives.


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