Check out some facts about Boogie2988 weight loss today. keep reading to see how Boogie2988 lost 150 pounds.

Popular Youtuber Stephen Williams also known as Boogie 2988, has shared a piece of good news with his followers.

Worried about his life expectancy and fear for his weight, Boogie 2988 went on to undergo gastric bypass surgery. It was a successful one as he lost well over 100 pounds and some more 50 pounds through dieting and exercise.

boogie2988 weight loss

However, Boogie who previously weighed 500 pounds seeks to hot his target of 250 pounds. The results he has achieved so far has been dramatic and he is eager to keep losing weight. In his own words, “ I am stupidly motivated “.

What triggered Boogie2988 weight loss?

When you’ve had a long-lasting relationship with food, changing suddenly is an overwhelmingly difficult task. Unlearning the years of learning all the wrong things about food requires a whole lot of focus.

His job which involves sitting all day playing computer games is not the best one for someone fighting obesity. Boogie has managed to overcome anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts in order to shed 200lbs of weight. He still has a long way to go in this weight loss journey

In September 2018, in one of his vlogs, Stephen confessed that he wanted to die ever since he was 15years old. He felt like being able to eat lots of unhealthy food and killing himself at the same time was a “ win-win situation “.


It wasn’t after 44 years of adulthood after a failed marriage that he began to change his outlook on life. Having neglected himself for his entire life, he decided to gain a sense of self-control. In his own words “ I don’t hate myself for being ugly and fat, I hate myself for constantly being miserable, angry and upset “.

Boogie2988 weight loss started after consulting various medical doctors, Boogie’s best chance of success was gastric bypass surgery. He went under the operating knife in August 2017. He now has a more improved weight of 360lbs. Boogie says his decision to this was the best decision he has made in his entire life.

Currently, Boogie2988 weight loss has improved and he is able to sleep, work and just enjoy life.

“ prior to the surgery, I was dying. My blood pressure was high, I had numerous heart problems and I was diabetic. And now, all of that is gone. But although he has a much healthier weight, there is still much work to be done.

Photos of Boogie2988 weight loss

Check out some before and after pictures of Boogie2988 weight loss journey now.

boogie2988 weight loss

boogie2988 weight loss

He has to intentionally not let food addiction win. He says “ I am halfway through a two-year process and for a man as self-destructive as I am, I haven’t yet self-destructed, and that is something to be truly applauded.

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