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Though Optavia weight loss programs have promised consumers a “Lifelong Transformation, together with One Healthy Habit at a Time.” but the program uses pre-packaged and processed foods while they claim to encourage daily health habits.

The meals available in Optavia’s approved list includes the smoothies, shakes, soups, drinks, crunchers, brownies, and bars. The company also claimed that their food should provide the needed calories and nutrients to feel full and at the same time to lose weight.

But consumers have been advised that those who are using prescription medications should talk to their physician before they use supplements. And for, those with various allergies or food intolerances must be careful when choosing their Fueling.

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What you should know about allergic reaction to ingredients in optavia

The company also makes use of soya bean as an ingredient that could cause reactions such as itching, nasal congestion, and digestive issues.

In some cases, however, allergic reaction to ingredients in optavia could be life-threatening and that Is why consumers have been advised to conduct their physician before they choose their fueling.

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Tips about allergic reaction to ingredients in optavia

While under the prescription of thyroid medications such as levothyroxine, Synthroid® or Levoxyl® , it should be noted that that eating soy protein may slow down the body’s absorption of these drugs.

Your healthcare provider should be sought for  guidance on how to take your thyroid medication together with the Fuelings.

But if there is no specific guidance, consumers should wait for one to three hours before and after taking the thyroid medication before eating any Fuelings containing soy protein.

Examples of soy protein-free Fuelings:

  • OPTAVIA Select Buttermilk Cheddar Herb BiscuiOPTAVIA Essential Frosty Coffee Soft Serve Treat
  • OPTAVIA Select Chipotle and Spinach Pesto Mac & Cheese
  • OPTAVIA Essential Smashed Potatoes (both flavors)
  • OPTAVIA Select Dark Chocolate Covered Cherry and Green Renewal Shakes
  • OPTAVIA Essential Creamy Tomato Bisque (with Basil)

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Allergic reaction to ingredients in optavia

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