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YUMMY…..Caroline Brewester

“ Desserts you can make in 5 to 30 minutes”

I absolutely love this cookbook and refer to it quite often!  It is a great go to book for amazing recipes that take very little time.  This is particularly good when trying to whip up something special on a weeknight. 

The book has 157 pages and 176 recipes.  It is divided into 6 chapters…for recipes that take 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 minutes each to compose.  Caroline Brewester was a finalist on a Britain hit show Master Chef.  Her recipes are straightforward and easy to follow.  Many of the ingredients you are likely to have on hand already in your pantry or fridge!  Her photography is wonderful and her pictures have great eye appeal.  Caroline’s desserts range from simple fruit pleasures to elegant souffles…..all in 30 minutes or less!

To give you just a few examples of the recipes you might find in each category:

5 minutes:  Lemon Possets, Crisp Cinnamon Puff

10 minutes:  Bananas Foster, Coppa di Zuccotto

15 minutes:  Blueberry & Lemon Brulees, Pecan Maple Moneybags

20 minutes:  Lemon Polenta Cupcakes, White Chocolate and Lime Mousses

25 minutes: Poires Belle Helene, Chocolate Souffles

30 minutes:  Rustic Apple Pie, Baby Baklavas 

This book also offers a wide variety of fresh fruit desserts such as orange-honey salad with toasted almonds, cinnamon glazed grapefruit, thai tropical fruit salad with sweet chili syrup, and watermelon gazpacho.

Ms. Brewester shows us that creating a great dessert, with the occasional help from good quality, store bought ingredients doesn’t need to take a lot of time.  But her recipes are so beautifully pulled together, no one would ever realize they aren’t always made completely from scratch.  This book has been a great resource for me, and I think you would find it just as helpful and fun!

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  1. Sounds great. Interesting to see a cookbook organised this way. However quick desserts can have major downsides if the willpower is weak:)

    • You will find that the reason why her desserts can be whipped up so quickly is that most of them are made with fresh, seasonal fruit! So feel free to check your willpower at the door! ;- )

  2. Sold! I love having quick go-to dessert recipes on hand. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. What a great idea for a book…Headed to your Kitchen Reads, too. My girlfriend is a HUGE Nigella fan (she always refers to her by one name…like Cher or Madonna).

  4. Great review! Can’t go wrong with a cookbook leading to fast desserts!

  5. Oh great, another book to add to my Amazon wish list. My shelves are full! How can I talk hubby into my need for this book? Hmmm, I’m sure I could find my way to his heart through his stomach from one of these fabulous sounding desserts! That always seems to work :)

    • Dee….doesn’t the hubs realize that cookbooks are like cupcake papers and cookie cutters? You can never have enough! Lots of easy recipes in this book….your kids could make them for you! ;- }

  6. im a huge Nigella fan as well. I cant wait to get my hands on this! love this post.

  7. Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  8. What an awesome idea for a cookbook! Usually, I’m scrambling to see which ingredients I have to make something within my time frame. But a cookbook set up in time increments?? Love it! Thanks for sharing this!

    • Maranda….with the new addition to your family (Congratulations!)…..you would love this book since you can whip up a yummy dessert in only 5-10 minutes!

  9. Sorry about your knee! I tore my ACL and MCL last year so I feel your pain!! Also- I can’t believe I have never heard of ice cream bread before. I’ve got to fix that. Lovely pictures!!

  10. I saw this on a different site and was very intrigued, I just haven’t gotten around to making it yet! Yours looks like a great flavor to use!

  11. What a moist, beautiful quick bread…I was sold immediately, especially seeing those pieces of coconut….mmmmmm. Thanks for sharing this winner!

  12. Oops…I meant to post under your bread :) This cookbook is tempting me, too…I LOVE Nigella! Hope your knee feels better soon~

  13. Don’t tempt to buy another cook book… My husband thinks I’m crazy. I think I have been on a buying spree of cookbooks via borders, online etc… for months now. I need help.. I need to stop. : ) LOL!

  14. I’ll have you know Ms. Anne that because of this post I’ve gone on an Amazon wish list shopping spree. It started with this book which in turn led me to three others which in turn got me thinking of desserts dishes and resulted in 4 books and 10 sets of desserts bowls & plates.

    I have no will power! Thank you for the great book selection. :)

    • Tara! My wishlish at Amazon is a mile long! I can’t help it! I just love reading cookbooks! I think you will love this one….lots of easy recipes for all seasons! : )

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