Vintage Cakes: Maple Pecan Chiffon Cake with Brown Butter Frosting


Maple Pecan Chiffon Cake with Brown Butter Frosting | From My Sweet Heart

Well it is the 20th of the month which means it’s time for The Cake Slice bakers to reveal another cake!  Led by our wonderful leader, Paloma, of The Coffee Shop; The Cake Slice is a great group of bakers who are baking our way through the book, Vintage Cakes by Julie Richardson.

August’s selection is a chiffon cake which is subtly sweetened with maple syrup and studded with toasted pecans.  A sweet and creamy browned butter icing tops it all off.  I can’t remember if this was a cake I voted for or not.  But something occurred out of the blue one day, which had me even more excited to bake this particular cake.


One day, while visiting my friend Jeanne’s blog Inside Nanabread’s Head, I happened to admire a cake comb that she used in one of her blog posts.  This is Jeanne’s cake comb.

I LOVE these cake combs but could not seem to find one anywhere.  Nor can I find any kitchen store that seems to carry them any more these days.  And so I was secretly hoping to find one in one of my thrift store excursions.

You can not imagine how OVER THE MOON I was when I received an email from Jeanne telling me she that happened to find one while visiting her mom.  And look what arrived in my mailbox just a few days later.



Vintage Cake Comb | From My Sweet Heart


Talk about an act of kindness that really brightens your day!!!

I mean think of it for a minute.  Here’s a woman that I’ve come to know and love through blogging over the past 2 years, that I’ve never actually met, who happened to be at a flea market in Texas with her mom, who stumbles upon this comb and thinks…..Gee….I’m going to get this and send it to Anne in Maryland.  I LOVE YOU JEANNE!  And I am so tickled that you would even have thought of me at that very moment in time.  And I cannot thank you enough for this really lovely gift!

So of course, I’m going to feature it in just about every picture of this vintage chiffon cake!



Maple Pecan Chiffon Cake with Brown Butter Frosting | From My Sweet Heart



Okay.  So maybe it wasn’t in that one.  But here it is again!




Maple Pecan Chiffon Cake with Brown Butter Frosting  | From My Sweet Heart



I will admit that though I have loved most every cake we have baked from this wonderful book so far, this is not one of my favorites.  I prefer dense, moist cakes.  And I love angel food cakes.  But there was just something about the texture of this cake which was not to my preference.




Maple Pecan Chiffon Cake with Brown Butter Frosting | From My Sweet Heart



But the sweet, creamy, nutty brown butter frosting is a whole ‘nuther story!  And it’s one that I will use again and again in many other recipes!  It was outrageously good!




Maple Pecan Chiffon Cake with Brown Butter Frosting | From My Sweet Heart



Do check out the Cake Slice bakers to see how my talented colleagues enjoyed baking this cake.  A huge thank you to the group, who are so supportive of one another.  And a big thank you to Paloma for all that she does for our fabulous group!


And again, my heartfelt thanks to Jeanne.  Of all the vintage kitchen stuff I collect, I will treasure this gift the most.



Vintage Cake Comb | From My Sweet Heart


The recipe for this cake may be found in Vintage Cakes, by Julie Richardson.



Vintage Cakes | From My Sweet Heart



For more examples of cakes I’ve baked from Julie Richardson’s amazing book, take a look at my Red Velvet Cake, The Pink Cake, Honeybee Cake, Black and White Cake, Boston Cream Pie-lets, Lemon Almond Streamliner Cake, Shoo Fly Cake, Butterscotch Cream Roll Up Cake and Banana Cake with Coffee Walnut Buttercream.

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    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Uru! I hope your exams went well and though you’ve had some wonderful guest posts, I’m looking forward to having you back and baking! : )

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Wouldn’t it be awesome if you came across that cake comb one day? I love vintage baking! And speaking of memories….your black licorice ice cream is absolutely beautiful….even if it does turn our tongues the same beautiful color! : )

  1. says

    Your cake comb truly worked its magic on this chiffon cake, Anne =)

    Funny how tastes run…I loved the cake but could have passed on the frosting…But I must say you make it look very appetizing!

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Your cake turned out beautifully, Kim! Isn’t it funny how for some, it’s all about the frosting and for others, it’s all about the cake! Looking forward to next month’s selection! : )

  2. says

    Ok, so is the cake comb used for serving the cake? I’ve been googling for ten minutes now and can’t find an answer! Either way, blogging friends really do end up being real friends. They get you. They understand the need to have 500 different plates in ten different colors just for food styling. My real friends think it’s nutty! And as a good segue from nutty, this cake?! Holy moly. I’m in it for the maple pecan flavors alone but it also looks absolutely stunning! Another job well done, friend!

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Kim…the cake comb is used for slicing the cake. It’s good for angel food cakes, too….since it cuts through them without squishing them! And blogging friends so totally get you. I DO understand your need for 500 plates in 10 different colors! So many more choices to offer your beautiful buttermilk waffles on! Gorgeous photos of those! : )

  3. says

    That cake comb is beautiful! What a great gift and what a sweet friend you have! That’s awesome! Thanks for the mention! You’re too nice to me! 😀 Your cake looks amazing! I am glad your frosting was so good! 😀

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Paloma….and thanks for all you do for our wonderful group! I know this cake wasn’t such a hit with the group, but yours turned out beautifully! Looking forward to next month’s cake! : )

  4. says

    You know I will be on the hunt for a cake comb while I’m out thrifting :). I’m also happy to know I’m not the only one who does not love this cake. As you said the icing is a whole “nuther” story!” Your pictures have a vintage feel that is perfect for this month’s selection.

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Sandra….I guess we all had issues with this cake or icing. Though your cake is absolutely beautiful….sleek and very vintage! And you can be sure, if I ever stumble across a cake comb, I’m going to bake/cake it forward (as Jeanne puts it) and send it your way! : )

  5. says

    The cake comb is lovely. I’m so glad your cake turned out well even if it wasn’t your favorite (mine either) and that you liked the frosting so much.

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Heather…and your cake turned out beautifully, too. Even though it turned out to be ‘chicken food’! Let’s keep our fingers crossed for next month! : )

  6. says

    Anne, you had me laughing out loud when you said the cake comb would be featured in every photo, followed immediately by “Okay, well it’s not in that one but…” Hilarious! I’m so happy you love your new (old) cake comb. I also love how this story came full circle. I received mine from blogging friend Kirsten at Comfortably Domestic, which piqued your interest, which inspired me to send you one as well. We’re totally baking/caking it forward, and I love it.

    Kim from Feed Me Seymour has it right – our blogging friends understand us & our blog prop obsessions like no one else can. Hugs to you, Anne! -j

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Oh Jeanne….I cannot thank you enough. I LOVE my new old comb! I was so excited to use it for this post. As you can read….many of us were not thrilled with the cake. But I didn’t care….because I am thrilled with my comb! Kim is right….and you proved it so well….our blogging friends get us like no other. And I plan on keeping your cake/bake it forward idea going! : )

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks John! And now you’ve got me wanting to invest in a grill pan! Your grilled pineapple is just gorgeous….with so many great ideas and tips for serving it! Wonderful post! : )

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Jamie! And I love the beautiful icing work you did with your medical jacket cookies! Your brother must have loved those! : )

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Laura….the comb is to cut the cake without tearing it. It’s used for cakes such as angel food cakes or spongier cakes. But not needed for your beautiful and moist peach bundt cake! And likewise….your brown butter glaze looks amazing! : )

  7. says

    What a great post with a beautiful cake and such a nice friend to send you that cake comb. I have never heard of a cake comb….but it sure looks cool. :) I’m sorry the cake did not live up to your expectations… it sure looks delicious. :)

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Ramona! I really appreciate ALL of my blogging friends! Yes…this cake was a bust. I’d much rather have a big plate of your spaghetti and franks! What a fun dinner! : )

  8. says

    You introduced me to a delicious sounding cake Anne, yum! and taught me about cake combs. I probably live in a cave but I never heard of one of these. Now I’ll be the one keeping my eyes open. Thanks!

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Chris…and I am dying to try your beautiful and colorful raspberry nectarine arugula salad. What a perfect salad for those great summer fruits! : )

  9. says

    What a great story! How wonderful that your blogging friend thought of you and did something so special for you! It’s so nice that we can make friends through our blogs.

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Daisy…so much! Your blog is wonderful….filled with such amazing photography. You’ve got quite an eye! : )

  10. says

    Well, I just learned something. I did not know that that was a cake comb. In fact, until I saw how you used it in the picture, I wasn’t sure how it was used. Obviously not a baker. :) Love the vintage cake series that you ladies do. What a delicious looking cake!

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks MJ! And I love your recent green chile sweet potato hash browns! And that egg plopped on top….delicious! : )

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Holly! But you did an AMAZING job with your cake! How you turned it into a fancy little layer cake is incredible! I would have rather had layers of icing between slices of this cake than just on top! I’ve got to think more out of the box the next time! : )

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Angie…and love your sweetheart cabbage salad with red currents…..such a pretty, delicate salad! : )

  11. says

    There are so many times that I am out and about and see something, my mind goes to that my such and such blogger friend would like that. I must think of my blog friends more than I think of my family and friends! I guess it’s because we really do choose whose blogs we visit and we become friends with those who share our interests. M family’s only interest in my blog is hoping they can just eat what I make.
    Well, even if you didn’t like the cake, though it looks good to me, it sure looks beautiful with your new comb.


    • Anne Boeckl says

      Nazneen…..that happens to me all the time, too! I’m going to start doing as Jeanne describes and cake/bake it forward and start sending stuff to my friends! Thanks so much for your kind words. Your chile, black bean, corn salsa looks amazing! : )

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Jessica! And a great combination is what goes into your incredible no bake trail mix cookies! Perfect for this hot weather! : )

  12. says

    I so badly wanted a cake comb… It’s now on my wish list! Fingers crossed. Gorgeous cake and presentation, looks just wonderful. Hazel x

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Hazel…and the way you iced and decorated your cake was stunning! Beautiful job and I’m keeping my eyes peeled for more cake combs for my friends! : )

  13. says

    Anne, Your cake is beautiful – as usual. You are such a talented baker. I really enjoy the vintage cakes that you share. And… Jeanne is such a great blogger friend. So thoughtful of her to think of you while she was thrifting it. I can only imagine what it would be like if we all ended up meeting in person. I am hoping that there was some great company out there will recognize all of our great potential and sponsor a huge get together and help make that happen!

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Eileen! You have no idea how I wish we could all get together sometime! Jeanne truly is an awesome person. And I can’t tell you how often I think of all of you when I am out thrifting! Maybe someday….. : )

  14. says

    Another lovely post from you and envy you big time on the cake comb. BTW how do you use it? any sawing motions required or just stick into cake and pull to the left or right?

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Emily….and I adored your little mini cakes! Fabulous idea! For the cake comb, I simply sliced it right down, pulled to the left….no need to saw! I love it! : )

  15. says

    Your cake looks beautiful and I love the styling in your photos. How wonderful that your friend sent you a cake comb. Bloggers can be the most generous people, can’t they? I definitely admired the one shown in the book, but I think your photos are just as beautiful.

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Felice! And your cake was just perfection….the crumb…the icing! Beautiful! And yes…food bloggers are an amazing group, that’s for sure! : )

  16. says

    Your cake is gorgeous and what a wonderful friend you have. Very thoughtful of her sending you the cake comb. :) Yes, a little kind act can totally brighten someones day. I’m happy for you to have such a great friend.

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Amy…thank you so much! I love my new cake comb. But one of your beautiful lychee martinis would certainly brighten my day as well! : )

  17. says

    I’m not familiar with cake combs, but now I think I must change that! Your frosting looks to-die-for. I can’t wait to finally try this cake, even with some of the mixed reviews.

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Ariana….even if you don’t get a chance to make the cake….do keep the frosting in mind for other baking projects….it was definitely the best part for me! : )

  18. Jon says

    Hey Anne, there is that cake comb you were telling me about! It’s such a nice one. I was over at my mom’s house when I looked at this post and she still has hers in the kitchen too. Hope everything is going well with you!

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Awww thanks Jon! It was nice seeing your mom again and meeting your grandmother. They are such great ladies! I miss you terribly and think about you often! I’m going to have to do more Italian baking to keep you visiting! : )

  19. says

    Anne, I remember seeing a picture of the cake comb in Julie’s vintage cake book!! I was absolutely intrigued by it apart from the yummy cake featured together with it. If I don’t recall wrongly, it’s this month’s cake right? Anyhow, is this cake comb for slicing? It is absolutely vintage and pretty :) What a sweet gift from a friend 😉

    Your cake is so pretty as usual and as always!! It’s interesting to know that many of us don’t seem to like the brown butter icing and that you love it. I will try this icing when I next bake a suitable cake. Awesome crumbly and soft cake!

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