Iced Berries in Warm White Chocolate Cream


“SIMPLICITY IS THE ULTIMATE SOPHISTICATION.”  Leonardo DaVinci. Sometimes the simple pleasures are the best.  And there are some things in their natural form that just can’t be improved upon.  Like biting into a peach on a hot summer day and feeling the juice trickle down your chin onto your favorite white tee shirt!  Well this…

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White Chocolate Martini

White Chocolate Martini | From My Sweet Heart

“PLEASE EAT MORE CHOCOLATE.  AND PLEASE LISTEN TO MORE COLDPLAY.”  Chris Martin. Sometimes I like to drink my chocolate, too!  For this month’s Chocolate Party, we were asked to pair chocolate with…..chocolate!  I hope Roxana, at Roxana’s Home Baking, and the founder of this fabulous group will let me slide this month as I pair…

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Chocolate Tweed Angel Food Cake

Chocolate Tweed Angel Food Cake | From My Sweet Heart

“A TRIP TO THE MOON ON GOSSAMER WINGS.  IT WAS JUST ONE OF THOSE THINGS.”  Cole Porter. Angels in tweed?  Well then how can they fly?  This cake surely should have been named Chocolate Gossamer Angel Food Cake.  Not at all like those sticky, chewy cakes you buy at the market.  The texture of this…

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Raspberry White Chocolate Mousse

Raspberry White Chocolate Mousse | From My Sweet Heart

“A BLUSH IS MODESTY’S FIRST IMPULSE AND SOPHISTICATION’S AFTER THOUGHT.”  Anonymous There are many variations on chocolate mousse.  But I think none are more elegant than those made with white chocolate. This white chocolate mousse recipe is a lightly sweet canvas for any variety of fruit, flavors and garnishes.  Here, I’ve topped mine with some…

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Vanilla Cupcakes with White Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

Vanilla Cupcakes with White Chocolate Buttercream | From My Sweet Heart

“ANYTHING SIMPLE ALWAYS INTERESTS ME.”  David Hockney. In the culinary world, we speak so often to ‘depth of flavor’ and layering of seasoning and spices.  Honestly, to me, sometimes keeping it extremely simple is best.  I love to experiment with some over the top flavor combinations. But there are those times when I just want…

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