Mango Coconut Cream Puffs with Mango Mojito Sauce


“THERE SHALL BE ETERNAL SUMMER IN THE GRATEFUL HEART.”  Celia Thaxter. Well it is that time of year.  Though it is not technically autumn, September 1st always feels like the beginning of fall to me, no matter what the weather.  In my mind, I just know that summer is over.  So The Baking Group (not…

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Chocolate Strawberry Turnovers

Chocolate Strawberry Turnovers | From My Sweet Heart

“COFFEE MAKES IT POSSIBLE TO GET OUT OF BED IN THE MORNING.  CHOCOLATE MAKES IT WORTHWHILE.”  Author Unknown The cycle of a lazy Sunday morning.  I am too comfortable in my bed and my eyes remain closed as I contemplate how to spend this beautiful day.  Everything about this morning feels good.  And soft.  The…

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