Vintage Cakes

Vintage Cakes | From My Sweet Heart

 “I AM A BAKER.  IT’S MY PASSION; IT’S WHO I AM AND WHAT I DO.”  Julie Richardson. Do you like to bake cakes?  Or maybe you just like eating them?! Vintage Cakes is definitely a must have cake book for anyone who is crazy for cake.  I have baked extensively from this book and it…

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Sweety Pies

Great Kitchen Reads - Sweety Pies | From My Sweet Heart

A GREAT KITCHEN READ!!!   SWEETY PIES…..Patty Pinner “An Uncommon Collection of Womanish Observations, With Pie”     The most fascinating cookbooks to me are those that give an insight into the life of the person writing it.  In this cookbook, you are served up so much more.  Patty Pinner shares her love of pie…

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Desserts by the Yard

Great Kitchen Reads - Desserts by the Yard | From My Sweet Heart

A GREAT KITCHEN READ!!! DESSERTS BY THE YARD…..Sherry Yard “From Brooklyn to Beverly Hills – Recipes from the Sweetest Life Ever” I have a vast and growing collection of dessert cookbooks.  And this book is among my most favorites!  I love reading cookbooks and I mull through them daily!  But I especially enjoy reading cookbooks…

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Great Kitchen Reads - Yummy | From My Sweet Heart

A GREAT KITCHEN READ! YUMMY…..Caroline Brewester “ Desserts you can make in 5 to 30 minutes” I absolutely love this cookbook and refer to it quite often!  It is a great go to book for amazing recipes that take very little time.  This is particularly good when trying to whip up something special on a…

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