Chocolate Marble Sheet Cake

Chocolate Marble Sheet Cake | From My Sweet Heart

“LIFE IS MADE UP OF MARBLE AND MUD.”  Nathaniel Hawthorne The mud in my life?  My camera died while photographing this cake.  The marble?  This cake is delicious! The Cake Slice bakers are a group of women who simply love to bake cakes.  On the 20th of every month, we bake, post and critique a…

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Mississippi Mud Cake

Mississippi Mud Cake | From My Sweet Heart

“THE WORLD IS MUD-LUSCIOUS AND PUDDLE-WONDERFUL.”  e.e. cummings. Sweet. Sticky. Fudgy. Gooey. Crunchy. Chewy. Messy. Sound good to you?  Then this is YOUR cake!  While I’ve always adhered to the less is more principle, sometimes you just want a dessert that is all jacked up.  This intensely fudgy cake is topped with gooey marshmallows, sticky…

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Chocolate Irish Cream Bundt #BundtBakers

Chocolate Irish Cream Bundt | From My Sweet Heart

“I WISH SOMEONE WOULD LOOK AT ME THE SAME WAY I LOOK AT CHOCOLATE CAKE.”  Author Unknown. Chocolate cake.  It doesn’t get any better than that. Chocolate Irish Cream Bundt Cake.  Oh yes it does! I belong to a group called the Bundt Bakers; a wonderful collection of enthusiasts who share a passion for baking bundt…

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Chocolate & Cookie Covered Strawberries

Chocolate & Cookie Covered Strawberries | From My Sweet Heart

“FORGET LOVE, I’D RATHER FALL IN CHOCOLATE.”  Sandra J. Dykes These beautiful Driscoll’s strawberries took a tumble in some chocolate.  Lucky strawberries! Chocolate covered strawberries are a popular gift on Valentine’s Day.  I’m always surprised at how much they cost when you buy them already made.  Because it only costs a fraction of that to…

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Chocolate Strawberry Truffle Cake

Chocolate Strawberry Truffle Cake | From My Sweet Heart

“SO HAND IN HAND THEY PASSED, THE LOVELIEST PAIR THAT EVER SINCE IN LOVE’S EMBRACES MET . . . . .” John Milton. Chocolate and Strawberries. One of the most perfect pairings in the world of sweets.  And if you want to be in love this Valentine’s Day, this cake will take you there! Imagine…

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Chocolate, Oatmeal & Pecan Scones

Chocolate, Oatmeal & Pecan Scones | From My Sweet Heart

“IF YOU’RE AFRAID OF BUTTER, USE CREAM.”  Julia Child. I’m not afraid of butter or cream!  Which is a good thing since both ingredients are found in these light, chocolatey scones! I belong to a group of bloggers who love to celebrate chocolate.  Roxana, of Roxana’s Home Baking is the founder of The Chocolate Party. …

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