Pumpkin Ale & Pretzel Caramels

Pumpkin Ale & Pretzel Caramels | From My Sweet Heart

IT’S BEER WEEK!!! Yes!  Beer week!  A week full of beer, breweries and recipes!  Brought to you by the same fabulous women who brought you crepe week!  I must admit, when I first found out the theme of this week, I winced.  I’m more of a martini girl.  And the only time I really drink…

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Caramel Sauce


 “COME ON OVER HERE WITH THAT SUGAR STICKY SWEET STUFF.”  Sugarland. I always think that it’s a smart idea to develop a repertoire of good, simple, basic recipes.  They are always there to fall back on in a pinch, stand in for something else, and be the basis or sidekicks for other great recipes.  A…

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