Rum Glazed Sweet Potato Cakes


“SOME FOODS ARE SO COMFORTING, SO NOURISHING OF BODY AND SOUL, THAT TO EAT THEM IS TO BE HOME AGAIN AFTER A LONG JOURNEY.”  Eli Brown (author Cinnamon and Gunpowder). Let me tell you that these soft and moist little sweet potato cakes are so VERY comforting!  The warmth of cinnamon and nutmeg combined with…

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Butter and Jam Bundt Cake

Butter & Jam Bundt Cake | From My Sweet Heart

“INVISIBLE THREADS ARE THE STRONGEST TIES.”  Friedrich Nietzsche. I have an obsession with collecting vintage bakeware!  And I’ve come to realize that I love the feeling of being tied to the past and connected to a total stranger who was as passionate about baking as I am.  One of the things I love to collect…

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Vintage Cakes: Butterscotch Cream Roll Up Cake


“INVENTION, MY DEAR FRIENDS, IS 93% PERSPIRATION, 6% ELECTRICITY, 4% EVAPORATION, AND 2% BUTTERSCOTCH RIPPLE.”  Willy Wonka. Butterscotch is a wonderful creation dating back to England in the mid 1800’s.  That’s vintage enough for me!  And my favorite flavor growing up was always butterscotch.  Butterscotch life savers, butterscotch pudding, and butterscotch sundaes are among my…

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Vintage Cakes: Maple Pecan Chiffon Cake with Brown Butter Frosting


“HOW BEAUTIFUL A DAY CAN BE WHEN KINDNESS TOUCHES IT.”  George Elliston. Well it is the 20th of the month which means it’s time for The Cake Slice bakers to reveal another cake!  Led by our wonderful leader, Paloma, of The Coffee Shop; The Cake Slice is a great group of bakers who are baking…

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Vanilla Bean Cheesecake with Strawberries


“PURITY AND SIMPLICITY ARE THE TWO WINGS WITH WHICH MAN SOARS ABOVE THE EARTH AND ALL TEMPORARY NATURE.”  Thomas Kempis. I am a purist at heart.  And I firmly believe that vanilla is under rated.  Would I turn away a piece of oreo snickers triple chocolate mousse turtle pecan double caramel chocolate chip pumpkin dulce…

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Vintage Cakes: Boston Cream Pie-lets

Boston Cream Pie-lets

“EXPECT EVERYTHING SO THAT NOTHING COMES UNEXPECTED.”  Norton Juster (The Phantom Tollbooth). The Cake Slice Bakers are a wonderful group of women who share a passion for baking CAKES!  Led by the lovely Paloma of The Coffee Shop, we’ve been baking our way through Vintage Cakes by Julie Richardson.  And I really LOVE this book. …

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