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SWEETY PIES…..Patty Pinner

“An Uncommon Collection of Womanish Observations, With Pie



The most fascinating cookbooks to me are those that give an insight into the life of the person writing it.  In this cookbook, you are served up so much more.  Patty Pinner shares her love of pie through the recipe and memoir contributions of her friends and family.  All of whom are women, with a story all their own to share.

Ms. Pinner writes, “In the same way that I enjoy collecting recipes, I take real pleasure in gathering the stories of the women the recipes belong to.  I am a firm believer that what a woman cooks is a window into her womanly personality – what she thinks, how she behaves, how she feels about herself, and the people she cooks for.

While the culinary focus of this book is creating the perfect pie, you will not be able to help but smile as you read about each of the women offering their most seductive, sumptuous, and soulful dessert recipes.  To many, the all American Pie is the ultimate expression of comfort and goodness.  And in this book, clearly, these women share the same sense of pride and passion about pie and their own personal recipes.  But as you stir from chapter to chapter, you are pulled and kneaded and enfolded into what feels like such a sense of sisterhood, and friendship, and community.  And you find that you don’t know which pie you would like to make first.  Not because they all look incredibly delicious; but because when you make that pie, you feel like you will be taking on some of the character and personality of the woman who created it.  And these women are warm and witty, familiar and fascinating, sassy and spirited; and I don’t know who I want to emulate first!  I have tried many already, and while they all have been good,  one of my very favorites is the oatmeal nut pie.  Inside the 168 pages of this beautiful book you will find….

….. 7 chapters: A Good Pie Crust, Berry Pies( Miss Viola Tresvant’s Blueberry Pie with the Crumb Topping), Cereal Pies (The Missus and Her Granola Pie), Cream & Custard Pies (Ava Joy’s Peanut Butter Cream Pie), Fruit Pies (Cousin Gwendolyn’s Deep Dish Mandarin Orange Pie), Nut & Sweet Vegetable Pies (Linda Lewis’s Pumpkin Coconut Pie) and Meringue Pies (Old Time Chocolate Meringue Pie).  There are 69 pie recipes, 2 recipes for pie crust and a creative and instructional section on ‘Adding a Special Touch’ (various ways to decorate and mold your crust.)  The recipes are clear cut, the photography is gorgeous and inviting, and the stories are entertaining and heartwarming.

I am thrilled to own a copy of this book! I wanted to share this now, since it seems to be peak pie season and the holidays will be upon us soon!   It would be a wonderful gift for anyone who loves pie.  And if you gift this for yourself, I guarantee it will change how you see yourself in your own kitchen for the better!


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    This is a great book. Patty Pinner and I went to school together and she still lives here in the town we grew up in. I see her at the grocery store often. How cool that you’ve discovered her book. She is just as warm and friendly in person as she comes through in her writing.

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    What a great idea for a gift Anne and I appreciate you sending the review along now – I’m one of these people who absolutely dreads holiday shopping (the air, the smell, the crowds, the lighting, you name it!) so I’m just as happy to get organized ahead of time. This book sounds like a winner. Thanks.

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    I have been reading through the old cookbooks from my grandmother which she got from her mother, so they’re really old! i couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve learned so much about what was important to them by the dates they recorded, the recipe pages which are more worn than other, and the small newspaper clippings that flutter from between pages unsuspectingly. It sounds like a fantastic cookbook. I can’t wait to go to the book store and check it out. Thank you for the recommendation!

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