Summer Berry Terrine with Mascarpone Whipped Cream


Summer Berry Terrine | From My Sweet Heart

It’s BERRY WEEK which means the Theme Weavers are at it again, celebrating all week long with all things berrylicious!

I haven’t spent a lifetime avoiding jello.  But it definitely isn’t my first choice of dessert.  Sure there’s always room for it, because there’s nothing really to it!  When I was growing up, jello was a staple at my home.  It was an easy dessert, and one that we had often. This fresh berry terrine is definitely more substantial.  And flavorful.  Because the berries are really the focus in this terrine.  Fresh blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are submerged and suspended in sweet cran-strawberry juice.  A little brown sugar and lemon juice round out the flavors.  A bit more going on here than just jello.  But it’s still a light and refreshing way to showcase our beautiful summer berries!


Let me show you this little dessert glass.  While nothing fancy, it is nearly 50 years old!  Whatever dessert I had growing up…..jello…..chocolate, butterscotch or tapioca pudding… cream or sorbet, was served in this glass.  When I left my home in Boston, it was to go to graduate school in Philadelphia.  And I took one of these glasses with me because I wanted something familiar, that would remind me of the comforts of home, and bring me instantly back to my childhood when I needed it.  I can’t remember the last time I used it and almost forgot I had it until this post!



Summer Berry Terrine | From My Sweet Heart



You can actually prepare this dessert in any number of ways.  But a terrine, which will be sliced, definitely makes a stunning presentation.  The colors are beautiful.  Serve it with mascarpone whipped cream for some extra lusciousness. 

This berry terrine is light and sweet and tart.  Use any fresh berries you’d like.  Though I think it looks pretty to use as many as you can find!  And any type of cranberry or pomegranate juice works, too.  You can make this as ‘lite’ as you’d like as well.



Summer Berry Terrine | From My Sweet Heart



Level of Difficulty:  Easy!

Yields:  8-10 servings



  • 2 cups of cran-strawberry juice
  • envelopes of Knox gelatin
  • 1/2 cup of packed, light brown sugar
  • the juice of 1 lemon
  • 5 cups of ripe fresh berries ( I used 2 cups of blackberries, 2 cups of raspberries and 1 cup of blueberries)

Gather your berries and place them in an 8 x 4 inch bread pan.  Pour 1/2 cup of juice in a small bowl and sprinkle the gelatin over the top.  Heat 1/2 cup of juice with the brown sugar in a saucepan over medium heat.  Stir the juice until all of the sugar is dissolved and then remove the pan from the heat.  Stir in the gelatin mixture until it is dissolved.  Then add your lemon juice and the remaining cup of juice.  Stir this concoction well, and then pour over the fruit in your pan.  Cover loosely with aluminum foil and refrigerate overnight.  To serve, run a knife around the edge of the pan.  Place the bottom of the pan into some warm water for just a few seconds.  And then turn it over onto your serving plate.


Jello never looked or tasted like this before!



Summer Berry Terrine | From My Sweet Heart




  • 8 ounces of mascarpone cheese
  • 1/4 of a cup of heavy cream
  • 3 Tablespoons of confectioners sugar
  • 2 teaspoons of pure vanilla extract

Place all of the ingredients in the bowl of your electric mixer.  Whip on medium speed until everything is combined, scraping the bowl as you need.  Then increase the speed to high and continue to whip until the cream thickens.  Serve immediately.


The mascarpone definitely adds a little more texture to the whipped cream and the cheese pairs really well with the berries!



Mascarpone Whipped Cream | From My Sweet Heart



You can go retro and make this in any type of mold you have.  I experimented a bit.  Have you ever seen those cocktails that have 1 HUGE square ice cube in it?  Well I made a few of these in those silicone ice cube molds.  That way you can create individual servings.



Summer Berry Terrine | From My Sweet Heart



And when my own kids were growing up, they liked me to make jello in regular ice cube trays.  So I made a batch of those, too.  This berry terrine is definitely going to bring back some memories. 

And Grisham is right…’s always there…..waiting.



Summer Berry Terrine | From My Sweet Heart


Here’s the Berrylicious line up for the week:







Please be sure to check out everyone’s berry wonderful creations!

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  1. says

    Beautiful! Who knew gelatin could be so elegant?
    I grew up on Jell-O desserts, too – mostly because there were 7 of us and money was tight, and partly because my mother had a Tupperware collection she was determined to use (including Jell-O molds). I can’t wait to try this, Anne. Such a fabulous way to showcase fresh summer berries!

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Jeanne! My mother was a big Tupperware collector as well. I can still picture the turquoise jello mold we had! Loved being a part of berry week with everyone. Your Blackberry Cake is outstanding, and one that I will definitely try before the summer is over! : )

  2. says

    This dessert has such a vintage feel to it Anne. Of course, your pretty food props and beautiful photo’s help with that too! I’d never pass up Jell-O and berries, especially if I had a dollop of that sweet whipped cream topping to go with it :)

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Eileen! I was trying to upgrade the vintage ‘jello with fruit cocktail’ we had when I was growing up. But this recipe is all about the berries! Just checked out your garlic parmesan foccacia…..beautiful and easy! : )

  3. says

    This is definitely not the Jello I grew up with. I love the sophisticated and elegant feel to this dessert and of course your presentation. My berry craving would be satisfied!

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Sandra! I was hoping to make something a bit more sophisticated! The berries really are the star here! I so enjoyed your Purple Reign post. What a wonderful family you have! : )

  4. says

    I’ve never even heard of terrine, so you’re already blowing me away with this one! The presentation is so wonderful too. I can imagine indulging in all sorts of delicious treats out of a 50 year old dish filled with memories.

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Kym and I really enjoyed your recent post about setting up a food photography portfolio! Great tips! : )

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Judit and Corina! (I think you can sneak some wine in this!) But you created such a beautiful setting for your grilled fajitas and citrus margaritas! Wish I were there! : )

  5. says

    Oh my goodness–it is gorgeous, how could it be so easy!?
    My boys would love it. I must try it. 😉
    Beautiful little glass dish too–that is totally something I would do. Love my special pieces of home-comfort. 😉
    PS My lightened up tropical berry crisp is on thursday too…My link may not have been ready when you posted. 😉

  6. says

    Anne, you have taken jello to a whole new level! This is such a pretty and very enticing looking dessert! I love your dessert dish, it’s funny how something simple like that can instantly take us back years in time!

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Chris! And your strawberry butter thin cookies are so pretty! But those 3 little sous chefs are just gorgeous! : )

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Angie…but your agar agar raspberry snacks look so amazing….you’ve got me thinking about using that as an alternative to gelatin! : )

  7. says

    I always stayed away from jello in terrines, especially savory, because they were so badly made when I was growing up. Now this one is a completely different story Anne. Simply stunning! The mascarpone is a great addition, and the serving glass reminds me of old china my family used too. I think berries is the perfect choice of fruit too!

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Paula….and oh how I love the ‘stuff on toast’ you recently posted. Pesto avocado vs. smoked salmon. I’ll need a taste of both! : )

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Lauren….and not only does your blueberry peach compote look amazing….but your photography just blows me away!!! : )

  8. says

    Hi Anne, what a berry, berry delicious dessert! I always avoided jello as a kid – it was the type of dessert cheap hotels served as the grand finale to their kiddie meals. Could you travel back in time and show them how to do it properly, please. I’ll be the freckly kid waiting, spoon in hand, for this delicious berry dessert! (In that retro glass bowl too, please rather than the metal hotel ware :) Love the idea of the giant cube serving too.

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Awww thanks Hester! Jello grows up! Jello didn’t seem so bad as a kid, I guess because I didn’t know any better. I used juice in this recipe, but it’s kind of cool that you can turn most any liquid into jello. But then again…would you really want to? Ha! My pic is on your comment because you posted it in the wrong post….so I moved it. Or….we must be twins! Loved your beautiful Croque Monsieur! : )

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks John…and I love so many aspects from your post for your classic Harvey Wallbanger….one cocktail I most definitely will put on my summer sipping list! : )

  9. says

    Talk about a dessert that makes the berries the main focus. I grew up with lots and lots of jello, but nothing like this. Every once in a while, mom would throw in a few strawberry slices, but certainly nothing like this. Love this “jello” PACKED with berries! love the larger mold as well as those cute little molds. I don’t think I would need to cream. This jello stands on its own.

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks MJ….this might be a good dessert after your fabulous cold curry vegetable soup! A GREAT alternative to my boring gazpacho! : )

  10. says

    That truly is a stunning presentation! Your photos are gorgeous. This is a wonderful way to showcase summer berries, and you don’t even have to switch on the oven! Perfect summer recipe, looks so refreshing! <3 Ps- I grew up eating desserts out of an almost identical dish 😉

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Allie….and your baked blueberry glazed donuts are fabulous! Your photos of them are just beautiful! : )

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Amber…and congratulations on your Leibster Award and thank you so much for passing it on to me! : )

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