Pie Fries with Strawberry Ketchup


Pie Fries with Strawberry Ketchup | From My Sweet Heart

I often find that most food tastes better as leftovers, when it’s had time to sit and let the ingredients and flavors meld.  But what I am really finding, as I bake, is that an ingredient for one recipe often drives the idea for another.  I simply don’t want to waste, an often costly ingredient, and I want to use it up to the extent that I can.  And so this morning I was making a pâte sucrée for some Pineapple Coconut Tarts.  And I decided to turn the scraps into these delicious little cookies to be dipped in the leftover strawberry jam that I made from my Peanut Butter and Jelly Ice Cream. 

Honestly, these were so surprisingly good, I’d consider making sweet pastry crust just for the purpose of making a big batch of these cookies!  Or if you need a quick and easy dessert, you could even buy the pie crust dough, roll it, cut it and toss a little sprinkling sugar before baking for about 15 minutes.  Serve with your favorite jam for dipping.  I’ll never throw out those scraps again!



  1. Anna says

    I love ideas like this! I can’t stand to waste food so I always try to come up with ways to use up the leftovers. These “fries” are so tempting, I would actually make the dough just for them :) Thank you so much for sharing them, Anne!

    • Anne says

      Thanks Anna! I would definitely make some pie crust just to make these again! And think of all the ways you can change things up! A sprinkling of cinnamon and some chocolate for dipping maybe?! : )

  2. says

    Anne… I am making the “bowing” motion towards you right now… you are awesome!! What a great idea… I would so eat this and forget making the pie… I want the dough fries like this to dip!! Really brilliant! :)

    • Anne says

      Thanks Ramona….and I am “bowing” right back! I would love to have one of your sausage, pepper and onion meatloaf sandwiches for lunch today! : )

  3. says

    I feel it is really evil to throw out pastry scraps! There is quite a bit you can do with it as shown by your post here. Love the idea of dipping those flaky bits into jam-genius! My mom usually just sprinkled the scraps with cinnamon and baked them, however I like your idea a whole lot better. Well done!

    • Anne says

      Thanks Tina…I will never throw out pastry scraps again! And your banana split bundt cake ……AMAZING!!! : )

  4. says

    Well for me its not about wasting so, leftovers are fine with me. Seeing this recipes you have shared, I am all for it. Just wondering and nice to be eaten with the dips.

    • Anne says

      Thanks so much! You must be getting excited for your upcoming vacation! Looking forward to lots of pictures when you return! : )

    • Anne says

      Thanks Christiane! And I LOVED your cherry flower power cake and all the memories it brought back! : )

    • Anne says

      Thanks Emily! I think these are perfect for a picnic or summer party! And I really enjoyed your sweet Mother’s Day post! : )

  5. says

    These are terrific! It reminds me of April Fool’s food…where you make a dish that tastes like one thing – and looks like something else….

    • Anne says

      Thanks Ann! I keep going back to your blog, hoping you would have posted something new. I miss you already! : (

    • Anne says

      Thanks Georgia….and so creative of you to sneak cream cheese and sour cream into those luscious mashed potatoes! : )

    • Anne says

      Thanks Wendy….and I really enjoyed your recent post on La Madeleine! Looked like you had a wonderful night! : )

  6. says

    You are amazingly creative! This definitely doesn’t look like leftovers and it absolutely doesn’t look like pie crust! These are cookies that even I could make, that is if I bought the pie crust. :) Beautiful presentation!

  7. says

    This totally looks like fries and ketchup! I love it…. the boys would dig it but seriously this is the best use of leftover jam and pie crust I have seen. :)

    • Anne says

      Thanks Susie and I’m sure your boys would love this. And thanks for introducing me to Sophie and her amazing chicken pot pie! Looking forward to your next giveaway! : )

  8. says

    I love love love this idea!! I’ve never seen anything like it, such fun (and yummy!) way to use those leftover scraps, those would be so fun to make next time I have the girls over for a girls night!

  9. says

    This looks so cute and you’re absolutely right, everything does taste better the second day, especially if it’s tomato, broth or wine based, also same cakes too!

  10. says

    Wow, I had no idea these ‘fries’ were made from pie crust… there’s a twist for you alright ;-). You’re so creative Anne… and I’m especially smitten by the thought of your strawberry ketchup – what a delight!

    • Anne says

      Thanks Anna! And I am still trying to recover from your grilled strawberry and nutella sandwiches! : )

    • Anne says

      Thanks Uru….and I so enjoyed your post on the Vegan Virtual Potluck! What a beautiful, fudgy chocolate cake you made! : )

    • Anne says

      Thanks Jen….I will never throw my scraps away again! And I loved your last minute Mother’s Day Brunch idea post! Really gorgeous recipes! : )

  11. says

    What a super cool idea! I have to admit I’ve been stuck with leftover pie dough before and ended up just throwing it out eventually. Shameful, I know.

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Natasha! Sometimes when I make a top crust I will cut out little hearts, etc with the extra dough. But from now on, I’ll be baking little fries instead! : )

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