Peanut Butter and Jelly Ice Cream

YES!  Peanut butter and Jelly in ice cream!  Because…’s the Improv Cooking Challenge!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Ice Cream | From My Sweet Heart

I took a short break and some much needed time to catch my breath; and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to participate in this month’s challenge.  But I just love this group.  And I couldn’t resist!  And so I admit…..I kept it simple for myself this time.  What I came up with is SIMPLY DELICIOUS and almost addictive!  Thanks so much to Kristen from the Frugal Antics of a Harried Homemaker for being the wonderful hostess for such a great group of food fanatics!  I am looking forward to seeing what everyone did with our two key ingredients this month….peanut butter and jelly!  These ingredients were likely suspects for an ice cream because not only do I like my ice cream sweet…..but oddly, I prefer it salty, too!  My PB & J’s are always made with my favorite, strawberry jam, and it’s so easy to make from scratch.  Come try this!  It’s rich, creamy, sweet and salty.  And it couldn’t be easier…..

I think it’s a good idea to make the strawberry jam in advance and give it some time to jellify before adding it to the ice cream.  (Yes…jellify!)



Yields:  about 1 1/2 cups

  • 1 pound of strawberries, hulled and diced ( I diced about 3/4 of the strawberries and left the remainder in larger pieces)
  • 3/4 cup  of sugar
  • 1 lemon, juice and zest
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Place the strawberries, sugar, lemon juice and zest into a large saucepan and bring it to a boil.  Reduce the heat to medium, cover the pan and let the mixture reduce for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.  When the mixture has thickened, remove it from the heat and add the vanilla extract.  Let the strawberry jam cool to room temperature. Then store it, covered, in your refrigerator.  It will keep for about 10 days.



Yields:  6 cups

Follow the directions for my Sweet Cream Ice Cream  or prepare your favorite vanilla ice cream.  (I added about 1/4 cup chopped peanuts to the ice cream at the end of the churning cycle…’s optional!)


Peanut Butter and Jelly Ice Cream | From My Sweet Heart


Mix 1/2 cup of peanut butter with 2 Tablespoons of cream (just to loosen it a bit.)

Measure 1/2 cup of strawberry jam.

When the ice cream has finished churning, scoop it into a rectangular freezer contain.  Alternate dollops of peanut butter and jam on the top.  Swirl it into the ice cream.  Cover and freeze.  That’s it!

I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to check out what my fellow Improver’s made!


  1. I am such a fan of PB+J. This ice cream sounds like a perfect treat for summer! Gorgeous photos, Anne!

    • Thanks Cassie! And I loved your recent Wednesday Ramblings! A great book review and some fabulous blogging tips! : )

  2. Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jam makes a perfect sandwich… so why not ice cream!! I love it! Your pictures are drool-worthy for sure!! Glad to have you back on the blogs. :) I missed you.

    • Thanks Ramona and your banana peanut butter cup bundt cake was definitely drool worthy! That really looks awesome! And I am glad to be back. I have missed you, too! : )

  3. Okay, um, you’re my hero? This looks … utterly amazing.

  4. I love your take on this month’s improv challenge. One can only imagine how divine a PB and Jam ice cream must taste. :)

    • Thanks! It tastes really good but I bet your beautiful roasted banana and cinnamon ice cream is just sublime! : )

  5. Are you serious!?!?! OMG! She is serious! :) PB&J ice cream – now that’s a new one on me! Very, very creative my friend and it looks absolutely delicious! Your pictures say it all! I just want to grab a spoon and start eating! Welcome back from your break. We’ve missed you!

    • MJ! Thanks so much! I’m glad to be back and I missed you, too! Talk about pictures saying it all….those banana buttermilk waffles of yours look absolutely fabulous….and just what I need for breakfast or brunch this weekend! : )

  6. This is terrific! I am a fan of peanut butter and jelly AND ice-cream! Welcome back and I missed you!

    • Ann…thanks so much….I’m happy to be back in the swing and I’ve missed you, too! AND so glad to see you a part of Kitchen Improv now! You had one of the most creative spins on our secret ingredients this month! Just fabulous! : )

  7. Oh my heavens, I’m in love.

    • Oh, thanks Emily….I loved these flavors for ice cream! And congrats on your recent chili cook off win! And those smoked gouda crackers look awesome! : )

  8. What an incredible amalgamation of flavours! Have never tried them but would sure love to :-)
    The ice cream is looking definitely tempting and I am drooling!

    • Thanks so much….but everyone….for an incredible amalgamation of flavors…you must visit easyfoodsmith for an amazing recipe for banana strawberry flapjacks! : )

  9. With the Summer just around the corner, I find your recipe a one that must be saved, bookmarked, printed and marked with a red pen as “must try!”. :) Thank you for sharing!

    • Anna…thanks so much! This is a great summertime treat (though I love making ice cream all year round!) And I have to tell you….your PB & J cheesecake bars are just beautiful! : )

  10. This sounds amazing. Peanut butter and ice cream are two of my favorite foods!

    • Thanks Brianne! But you had one of the most creative and luscious looking recipes in this challenge with your PB & J hummus! That really looks awesome! : )

  11. Totally worth the brain freeze that most certainly would accompany it!

  12. The ice cream looks amazing, this is a great one for the improv challenge. Also, I think Ben and Jerry’s may have some competition. Delicious frozen treat!

    • Thanks Tina! I love Ben and Jerry’s and all of their funky flavors! But I really LOVE your Thunderstorm Bundt Cake and your beautiful and natural use of strawberries there. Just lovely! : )

  13. This ice cream sounds fabulous! Love peanut butter and jelly everything. I will have to try this as the last time I made peanut butter ice cream I had issues with it. But maybe that’s because I put the peanut butter in while it was churning lol.

    • Thanks Susie….I love PB & J everything, too! Funny about your issues with the peanut butter…I almost made the base of this totally peanut butter…..but I was just trying to make things easy on myself this time. And I tried adding a little cream to the peanut butter to make it less sticky. But it still gets kind of hard in the ice cream. I bet your peanut butter ice cream concoction was fabulous anyway! Sometimes I can’t wait to freeze the ice cream so I eat some ‘soft serve’ right out of the machine! ; – } Oh….and Julian’s cookies and cream ice cream cupcakes are your redemption for that peanut butter fiasco. They look AMAZING! : )

  14. I would love that ice cream. In fact, I’d have a hard time sharing any. At. All.

    • Kristen….I would share this with you if you shared your BEAUTIFUL Chocolate PB & J torte. Oh my word! I need to take piping lessons from your. Really! The top of that torte was just lovely! : )

  15. GORGEOUS, Anne!!! I’m going out of my comfort zone, but I think I might actually like straight peanut butter if it was mixed in ice cream. I know I’d at least take a huge bite before making any judgments! Great challenge dish, my friend~

    • Oh thanks Lizzy….but I have to hand it to you. For someone who is not crazy about this months combo… did a beautiful job with your peanut butter cookies and the raspberry cream cheese icing is so perfect! : )

  16. Looks so yummy! I made PB and J Ice Cream Sammies, but your ice cream would taste much better in the sandwiches. Great idea!

    • Thanks Teri….and great minds think alike! Only your mind was one step ahead of mine with your fabulous PB & J ice cream sandwiches! THEY look so yummy! : )

  17. I was just thinking about you last night because I haven’t seen you around much lately. I hope things are settling down for you a little! Sending lots of love your way!

    • Jen….thanks and you certainly have been on my mind even as I’ve been a little absent these days. And I’m hoping things are falling into place for you as well. Your cuban paninis look fabulous by the way! And sending lots of love to you and your girls! : )

  18. This looks delicious! I can’t wait to try it. I love making my own ice cream.

    • Thanks Maureen and I love making ice cream all year round! By the way….I really enjoyed your last episode of Food Writer’s Friday! I’m going to check in there more often! : )

  19. I wonder how this ice cream could possibly get better – oh right it can’t, you are a queen of pb and j :D

    Choc Chip Uru

    • LOL…thanks so much! And you are the Queen of Victorian Sponge Pancakes….they look so delicious! : )

      • Aww too sweet! Also I was wondering,is there an email subscription available to your blog? My RSS tends to blow up in my face :P

        Choc Chip Uru

        • If you go to the top of the page and mouse over subscribe…you will see an email option on the right. You’re a doll! And I hope it works! : )

  20. An ice cream version of the sandwich classic? Yes, please!

  21. Oh be still my heart – I love love peanut butter ice cream (I’m a big fan of salty with sweet – ever try a pretzel cone??) Anyway, adding strawberry jam (my fav) into PB ice cream – genius. Absolutely making this – love the photos too :)

    • Deanna…putting the peanut butter and strawberry jelly together in a bread…was genius! Your recipe looks amazing! And now you’ve got me thinking about pretzel cones! Thanks so much!
      : )

  22. Oh my holy deliciousness! What are you doing to me?!! Your photos are simply AMAZING! I’ve never been to your site before… definitely gonna look around some more. Your shots are food porn worthy! And I love my ice cream salty too, I love the sweet and salty combo. Pinning this!

    • Thanks Desi…..and I am trying to do to you what you did to me with your PB & J S’mores! Those looked sensational! : )

  23. Wow! We’ve made peanut butter ice cream before (love it!) but never with jelly. And I just made homemade strawberry preserves last week, so you’re timing literally could not be any better! After our e-mail thread, I ran to my nearest Tuesday Morning store to look for that item you found. No luck. I’m hitting the other store this weekend. I’m on a mission now. Did you try yours out? If so, what did you think? Worth it? Ice cream season is upon us. Cones may be imperative.

    • Hi Jeanne! I wanted to thank you again for your email checking up on me. Much appreciated my friend! Hey….don’t bother with that cone maker. You know….it’s made by Regal and I got it at Tuesday Morning for 11 bucks. But it doesn’t allow you to regulate the temperature. So the first 2 cones had a beautiful color…..but they looked kind of wonky cuz my rolling technique had yet to be perfected. Once I got the technique down….the pan just ran too hot! If I kept the batter on for the same amount of time….they just about burned. If I tried to open the pan sooner….they would break apart! I think I’d rather invest in a nice pizzelle maker! By the way….LOVE your recent salad series! Especially the bodice ripping recipes! ;- }

  24. Oh my goodness … this sounds absolutely delightful! I am totally bookmarking this recipe because strawberry season is almost here in St. Louis! Great post!

    • Thanks Kimberly…I’m so excited for strawberry season, aren’t you?! Your strawberry peanut butter banana bread looks so amazingly good! It is a must make on my list! : )

  25. Oh, Anne–that looks absolutely amazing! I could definitely eat a big bowl of this.

    • Oh thanks so much. And your Better than Starbucks streusel cake looks…..well…..better than Starbucks! : )

  26. Glad to see a new post, Anne! This ice cream looks fabulous!

    • Thanks Stephanie….glad to be back posting. And talk about fabulous! That strawberries and cream pie looks so good….as does the food styling! What a cute post that was! : )

  27. thats so yummY! :) irresistible for me !

  28. Looks delicious! Want to have a bite

  29. Wooohoooooooo!! TOP 9!!!!! Yay!!!! Well deserved my friend. Great job. :)

  30. Love this! I made PB & J ice cream once and it was so addictive! Yours sounds amazing as well :)! Congrats on the Top 9!

    • Thanks Amy! I love PB & J for just about anything! I am a new fan of your blog….love your dessert theme AND your balance with veggies! I look forward to following! : )

  31. This looks amazing and so easy to make! Thanks and congrats!

  32. Great recipe! My strawberries are just starting to ripen so I’ll have to wait few days to give this a try.

    • Thanks Mimi! I’m excited that strawberries are starting to look good again! And your PB & J macarons are just beautiful! : )

  33. Major congrats on being in the FoodBuzz top 9, today!

  34. So happy to see you back, this looks delicious!!

    • Thanks Anna….and glad to be back just in time for your Creme Egg Brownie post…..those were magnificent! : )

  35. I literally just ate p b & j ice cream at my favorite ice cream shop and thought- wow, I sure would love a recipe for this- and now I have one!

    • Hi Sarah! At first I thought this was a funky combo for ice cream but I guess it’s out there everywhere! Your carmelized onion and asparagus tarts are beautiful! : )

  36. Anne, sometimes I wonder how “multi-talented” peanut butter is… we can create so many recipes using this ingredient, isn’t it? Your ice cream is looking absolutely mouth-watering and the presentation is great!

    • Thanks Purabi and that’s what I love about peanut butter! Thanks for taking me on a culinary excursion with your green pickled mango! Just beautiful!
      : )

  37. Oh man – this is childhood indulgence to the extreme.

    • LOL….you are right Mikaela! I went to my childhood on many levels with this one! And speaking of extremely good things…..your Bacon Cheddar scones look amazing! : )

  38. Turn a fresh homemade jam into ice cream…that’s brilliant!

  39. One of the best combinations ever!!! honestly this is a whole new level of ice cream deliciousness, I can’t stop looking at it and it makes me feel really hungry

  40. Now how fun is this. The classic duo of peanut butter and jelly coming together in one happy bowl of ice cream! Love the creative use of fresh strawberries here and your jar is adorable. Very clever Anne!

  41. So much PB&J love! Ice cream is my favorite summer treat and I love this flavor!

    • I love PB & J, too! But it’s such a common flavor combo….unlike your truffle oiled popcorn! That sounds so fabulous! : )

  42. Great looking ice cream Anne! I love the combination of salty & sweet, and the addition of peanuts for some crunch!

    • Oh thanks Meghan! You know I am a huge fan of all of your sweet treats! I just went to peek at your blog and you are Under Construction! I am looking forward to seeing the changes! : )

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