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Macarons au Cafe Creme | From My Sweet Heart

Well this is my first attempt at making macarons!  You know, for such a perfect little cookie, you hear so many horror stories about how difficult it is to make them!  But actually, it really wasn’t so difficult after all.  You simply must follow the instructions as exactly as you can.  I let my egg whites age for several days.  I measured everything (in grams)!  I even purchased thermometers for both ovens!  The only thing I would do differently is pipe them smaller.  (I know my piping skills are sorely lacking, so I should have measured here, too)!

But all the effort you will put forth will be worth it.  This delicately sweet, chewy cookie filled with rich coffee cream is like no other baked good in all this world!  While my first love is for cupcakes, I believe I am developing a passion for these amazing and special little cookies!  And I can see how some are inspired, by the most ordinary visual stimulus, to create these little sensations!  The possibilities are endless!  And here’s how you can be inspired, too……..



I was inspired by a really great lady who wrote a really fabulous book!  When I look at Jill’s site, or see something come across my Foodbuzz, I am always amazed at what simple things inspire her to create the most beautiful and exceptional macarons.  It could be anything from a Coke at a baseball game to poppies in a field in France!  They are just always so gorgeous and perfect!  And it makes me want to find those sources of inspiration, too!

Macarons au Cafe Creme | From My Sweet Heart


I looked at reviews for many macaron books, but this one got the best rating.  Everyone spoke about the simplicity of her instructions; and I couldn’t agree more.  So while it wouldn’t be fair and right for me to give you the recipe; I believe anyone interested in learning how to make macarons should own this book.  To be inspired for yourself, please take a look at Jill’s site Mad about Macarons!




Macarons au Cafe Creme | From My Sweet Heart



You know….I really wanted to keep it simple for myself this first time out of the box.  But I knew I wanted to work with a coffee cream center because I thought my boys would enjoy that.  (And they did)!  And to be truthful….the scariest part of this whole process, for me, was working with the food coloring!  But in a way, I think that will be the most exciting.  After being so careful with the measurements, and after having everything mixed so perfectly, I was afraid I wouldn’t mix the caramel coloring quite right.  And while I mixed it in a separate bowl, I was concerned that I would have a dismal mess when I added it to the ‘batter’, forcing me to start all over again!  But now….I really want to start adding color!  And I am truly looking forward to making the next batch.



So I hope you will try these, and have as much fun with it as I did!  And a big thank you to Jill for her inspiration and instruction.  And if I could, I would fly to Paris and give her a huge hug in person!  (Actually, it’s not so much the thanking thing as it is that I’d just love the opportunity to have tea and macarons with her)!


Also check out my page on GREAT KITCHEN READS  for more fantastic cookbooks!

Enjoy everyone!



  1. This sounds incredible Anne! The coffee cream is definitely something that I want to try. I have never made macaroons either but you make it sound very doable!

  2. Have yet to try these they actually scare me to make, they look too perfect for me to attempt! You have aced these for sure lovely photo as well!

    • Claudia….they scared me too at first! I’ve wanted to make these for months! You do everything so well….these will be a piece of cake….or cookie….for you! : )

  3. They have perfect feet ;-)) could have just dip my finger into the cream and licked it clean.

  4. Anne, I would have never thought this was your first attempt. I think you did a fabulous job! I would be way too intimidated to even venture a try. I was so happy to hear that you got Jill’s cookbook. I saw that she had one on her site and thought how awesome that one of my foodbuzz friends has a cookbook out! I hope you’re having a great weekend! : )

    • Ramona….I have been intimidated by these macarons for months! But Jill’s book is awesome! And she is so inspiring. I hope you have a GREAT week! : )

  5. These are gorgeous. If this is your first attempt, you’re obviously talented :-) Buzzed ya!

  6. Yeah!! They works for you! They look wonderful!

  7. They are just beautiful and I’m glad you were inspired to make them….I’ll have to check out that book! Believe it or not – I’ve never had a macaroon and hesitate to make them because it is SO humid where I live…but you’ve inspired me!

    • Ann..Thanks! And I hope you try these one day, whether you make them or buy them. The cookie is mostly almonds and egg whites. I should have looked up the info before I started typing this, but they are lower calorie treats as compared to most!

  8. These look awesome Anne! I can’t believe this was your first time! They look perfect! (and I personally do not think they are too big! LOL). And yes, I think we would ALL go to Paris to hug Jill if we could! Happy Sunday!!!

    • Happy Monday Tiffany! Thanks….and I didn’t really have a problem with the size, either. They were ready to eat yesterday, and I don’t have one left today. So I guess no one minded that they weren’t so petite! Let’s go to Paris!!! : )

  9. I’ve been reading her blog lately too, and have almost convinced myself to try making macarons. Thanks for the encouragement!

    • Beth….Jill’s book is great! Please give these a try. For every good thing I post on my blog, there were probably 3 things that didn’t work out…take a look at my strawberry tart : ( So if I can do this….you can too!

      • And Beth…if you see this….I tried to post on your blog….but it wouldn’t verify my open id credentials! I just love your theme! : )

  10. I have never made macaroons, but these sound right up my husband’s taste buds alley. Thanks for sharing!

  11. OMG. Anne, you’ve no idea the huge surprise I had checking in to say bonjour on your site. I’m speechless! What lovely looking macarons and thank you so much for your adorable words. I can’t tell you how happy I am if I have inspired you.

    Now, get yourself over to Paris for that hug and let’s have tea and macarons together. Home-made, of course ;-)

    • Bonjour Jill! I LOVE your book and these came out well for my first time! But practice makes perfect! I’d love to come to Paris….but do you mind if I bring a friend or 2…..or 50! I’m not the only one who’d love to meet you!!! : )

  12. Isn’t it amazing when you are baking how exact you have to be. Or maybe, it’s that you get to be. It was only recently I started loving the exactness of baking. I find it comforting. Don’t you?

    • Mikaela…I find the exactness of baking very comforting! I’m not a very good ‘wing it’ person. I love to cook…but I usually follow a recipe there as well! : )

  13. Wow! These look fantastic! Congrats on your first (and very successful) attempt at macarons! The coffee filling sounds delicious and your photos look beautiful! I’ve never attempted macarons but would like to so I’ll have to check out Jill’s book. What flavor are you going to make next?? :)

    • Ryan! Thanks….so much! DO check out Jill’s book! It’s wonderful! And not sure what flavor will be next…..but I definitely want them to be pink! (giggle) : )

  14. Jane Wilson says:

    This is such a lovely website – very inspiring and sweet. I loved your comments on macarons. I have tried with other books and failed, badly! Will buy Mad About Macarons, thanks for the tip. Keep baking and cooking please. This is a great website, thanks!

    • Thank you Jane for your kind comments! You should really try Jill’s book. She makes it very easy and enjoyable! Happy cooking and baking to you! I hope you will visit again! : )

  15. William says:

    I was one of the lucky few who was able to sample one of these delicious macarons. What a great treat! The outside was so soft and the coffee flavored filling was awesome. Great work for a first attempt at a great recipe. Thanks so much Anne.

    • Dr. D! Thank you for always being willing to taste test….and especially for appreciating what I am trying to do here! : )

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