Life is Yummly!


I have always loved the word yummly and use it a lot to describe anything that I taste that is insanely delicious!  And before I became acquainted with Yummly, the recipe search site, I had always associated this term with Winnie the Pooh somehow.  I think I was getting confused with ‘rumbly in my tumbly’, which Pooh says often, and which happens to me quite a bit, too!

Yesterday, I had the good fortune to come home to an email, in which I was alerted that Yummly had used my recipe for Cranberry Cherry Ribbon Cookies in an article called ‘10 Christmas Cookies that Will Put You in a Cookie Coma’How very awesome!

Yummly is the world’s largest and most powerful recipe search site.  They have been featured by The Today Show, Reuters, Fox, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, and more.  And they have millions of viewers and subscribers.  So you can imagine my surprise when they wrote to tell me that I would be added to their list of other hand picked blogs that are featured by them and that my recipes were “Certified Yummly”.  I am proud to be associated with such a wonderful site, and one that I use so often in my own recipe searches!  And I am in great company with so many other wonderful blogs!

Baking is a passion that really teaches patience.  But sometimes….. when you are patient enough….. life is not only good… is Yummly!


  1. Yay!!! Congrats again Anne! Isn’t it nice when we get recognized for our efforts. :) Well deserved and about darn time. :) Have a Merry Christmas my friend! It’s here… Christmas Eve~ Ramona :)

  2. Congrats Anne! That is amazing news and totally deserved. I love the association with winnie the pooh and I can see where it would make you think of that lol. I love Winnie the pooh it’s a secret shh I don’t read the stories for my kids…secretly it’s for me. :) I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and thank you so much for always being kind and being a wonderful blogger friend. I would hope that one day I will have the good fortune of meeting you in person. :)

    • Thanks Susie! You’ve been such a wonderful friend as well…..would love it if we should meet one day! You never know! I’ve always wanted to visit Seattle! Look forward to sharing with you in the new year! : )

  3. That’s awesome Anne!! They were pretty fabulous cookies! Merry Christmas to you – hope you have a wonderful holiday!!

    • Thanks Jen…if it weren’t for you inviting me to guest post…..I probably would not have made them this year! Thanks for all of your support! It means so much! : )

  4. Congrats Ann and yummly to that. Thanks for the greetings and the same is extended to you and your family, god bless.

  5. Congratulations, Anne!!! What cool news! We love Winnie the Pooh…and I agree that your recipes are yummly!

  6. Anne, Congratulations! I agree wholeheartedly. Best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful 2012 and thanks for your friendship throughout the year.

    • Thanks Hester! And I wish all the best to you and yours for the coming year and look forward to more of your friendship and your wonderful posts!

  7. Anne, CONGRATS!! You are so deserving of this honor. It’s so rewarding to be recognized in these ways. I’m so blessed to have “met” you this year. Many blessings to you and your family in 2012! xo

    • Thanks Cassie….and I feel the same about ‘meeting’ you! I wish the best for you and your family in the coming year as well! : )

  8. Congratulations and may you have many more happy dance inspiring successes in 2012!!!

  9. That is fantastic and well deserved!!

  10. Wow, that’s great news!! I am bookmarking the Christmas cookie recipe. This is an amazing post and I loved reading about you. You really deserve the honour! Hard work pays off!

    • Purabi! Thanks so much. Yes…hard work, though it is fun work, really does pay off….but I suspect you know exactly how that feels!! ;- )

  11. This is HUGE! Congrats! … and HUGS! :D

  12. Wow! Congratulations Anne! The cookies look absolutely fantastic! xx

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