Warm Irish Cream Shots

Warm Irish Cream Shots | From My Sweet Heart

  • 1/4 cup of Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • 2 Tablespoons of Kahlua
  • 1/2 cup of heavy cream
  • 1/4 cup of milk

Warm all ingredients over low heat in a small saucepan.  Pour into shot glasses.   Serve with palmiers (recipe to follow a little later.)  But here is a great and easy recipe to make your Irish Cream from scratch.

Well…..we are going on 4 days straight of down pouring rain here in D.C.   I know there are some areas of the country that are in desperate need of rain and I wish we could have shared ours with you!  But this happy hour, I thought it appropriate to drink something sweet and warm and comforting.  And this creamy little shot (or 2 or 3!) were just that!

So kick your feet up, dry off your socks, and enjoy this little drink with a sweet palmier; and a clip that can’t help but make me smile…..even on the dreariest of days.  GENE KELLY with the classic SINGING IN THE RAIN!

Have a sweet happy hour and a GREAT weekend everyone!




  1. What a fabulous recipe to lift your spirits (4 days of straight of rain? yikes…). Bailey’s is so delicious and I really like the idea of serving these dream shots warm. So yummy. Looking forward to the palmiers recipe to follow… :)

  2. Anne-You seem to be starting off the weekend the right way. : ) Something to warm you up is right in order after days of rain. Looks delish. Have one for me and have a great weekend. : )

  3. Wonderful happy hour! The drinks, palmiers and Gene Kelly is the perfect blend to making rainy days better-have a great weekend!

  4. hometownfriend says:

    Thanks and I’ll let you know how they come out or better yet drop by and taste for yourself. I’ll be around back so don’t bother knocking!

  5. This is a lovely post on a rainy day. Looks fab and can’t wait to see the palmier recipe. Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

  6. These look so tasty, Anne! Perfect for a cool, rainy day! A perfect way to kick off the weekend!

  7. Great recipe. I’d like a drink. :-)

  8. Oh my word… the shots are WARM! EVEN BETTER! And with those light, flakey, golden brown palmiers!?!?!?!?!!!!! This would be the perfect breakfast, snack, or dessert! (And yes, singing in the RAIN!… where’s the sun?!?!?!) :D

  9. The shots sound perfect for a rainy day…. I love singing in the rain and also all old black and white movies. I often tell my husband I was born in the wrong era. I also love Palmier cookies….. I have made them in the past but not fully homemade I’m not that ambitious. I can’t wait to see your recipe.

    • Susie…I LOVE old movies, too! Especially some of these old musicals! These palmiers are delish. But I have to tell you they are not fully homemade either. I used store bought puff pastry. But now you have me thinking I should learn to make my own! Another project for a rainy day!!! : )

  10. Anne, this sounds amazing! We need some rain down here in Florida….it’s been sunny and beautiful here! The shots sounds like the perfect drink for a rainy night!

    • Ann….I wish I could have shared our rain with you. A friend in Texas told me that much rain is needed there as well! But these shots are the perfect warm drink when you come in to the house soaking to the bone! : )

  11. Anne, I love the idea of these warm shots. I am bookmarking this recipe for the Christmas season – this is just the thing to offer to chilled guests.

  12. I think we are getting all of your rain! These look awesome. My mom and mother-in-law would go crazy for these! I will keep this recipe around for Thanksgiving and Christmas when the mom’s need it the most :)

    • Dee….the sun is finally shining here today! Do save this idea for the holidays when it blustery and cold outside! (But THIS mom couldn’t wait that long!) ;- }

  13. This looks so good! I usually order this at the bar but cold, I never thought of trying it hot. Thanks for sharing, lovely photography too =]

  14. These would brighten any day!

  15. Oh, my gosh, Anne…this looks like an amazing drink. And paired with palmiers makes it even better…mmmmmmmm.

  16. I love palmiers (or as we call them here, butterfly wings). Can’t wait for the recipe! :)

    • Maggie…I love palmiers, too! So sweet and chewy. I’ve heard them called Elephant Ears as well. But I think butterfly wings suits them much better! This batch, I did not make from scratch. I love store bought puffed pastry. But when I finally post this recipe….I will attempt to make the puff pastry myself! Yikes! ;- O

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