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“From Brooklyn to Beverly Hills – Recipes from the Sweetest Life Ever”

I have a vast and growing collection of dessert cookbooks.  And this book is among my most favorites!  I love reading cookbooks and I mull through them daily!  But I especially enjoy reading cookbooks that offer more than just recipes and pictures.  And that’s one of the things that is so special about Desserts by the Yard.

Sherry Yard has been named Outstanding Pastry Chef by the James Beard Society as well as Bon Appetit.  She is the executive pastry chef for Wolfgang Puck Worldwide. 

This book is a dessert and recipe chronicle of Ms. Yard’s life, from her childhood memories growing up in Brooklyn to her years as head pastry chef at restaurants such as The Rainbow Room, Montrachet, The Tribecca Grill in New York City; to San Francisco’s Campton Place Restaurant and finally to the place in Los Angeles where she made her mark, Wolfgang Puck’s Spago.  This book contains . . . . .


. . . . . 400 pages of biography, memoirs, recipes, pictures and resources.  She shares 152 recipes along with numerous helpful techniques such as tempering chocolate; tips like how to make swirl ice cream, and resources (the hardware store being on the list!)

I love following the progression of her career through the chapters of this book.  I love the unique twists she puts on the simplest recipes, and I love how the fanciest of desserts are made accessible and doable even among novice bakers and dessert makers.  Here is an example of the many jewels you will find tucked inside the chapters of this beautiful book:

Brooklyn Inspirations:  Rainbow Cookies, Brooklyn Blackout Cake

New York City:  Chocolate Velvet, Caramelized Banana Tarts

London Interlude:  Homemade Twix Cookies, English Trifle

Go West Young Gal:  Triple Silken Pumpkin Pie, Gingersnap Toaster Oven Tarts with Peach Filling

Spago Hollywood:  Chocolate Caramel Tart, Raspberry Souffles

Farmer’s Markets Inspirations:  Fig Bars, Rhubarb, Apple, and Fennel Crumble

Vienna Interlude:  Dessert Crepes with Poached Apricot Filling, Mocha Cream Semifreddo

Spago Beverly Hills:  Strawberry and White Chocolate Buttermilk Cake, Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake

Chinois on Main:  Almond Ginger Fortune Cookies,  Yuzu Lemon-Lime Meringue Pie

Special Events:   Strawberry Spooms, Deep Dark Decadent Doughnuts

The Academy Awards:  Banded Layer Cakes, Chocolate Boxes

The Basics:  Chocolate Pate Sucree, Whipped Caramel Creme Fraiche

I have made several of the delicious treats from this cookbook already.  The pictures  are inspirational, the recipes are true to form and everything has turned out far better than I expected!  I highly recommend this book and hope you get as much pleasure from it as I have!

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    I love a good cookbook and one that has more substance to it. So many of the recipes you listed sound amazing in the book. I think I would have to make the caramelized banana tarts. I have a thing for bananas lately. :)

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    Hi Anne! Hope you’re having a great weekend. : ) You and I share a love for cookbooks. I am slowly building my collection of dessert/baking cookbooks. Thank you for this cookbook suggestion. Do you know I keep a few cookbooks right on my nightstand. I love to read them before bed and get ideas for the next day. My husband says that I’m crazy to read about (and look at) yummy food before going to sleep. But I think I have sweet dreams. Have a great Sunday. ~ Ramona : )

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