Cosmopolitan Cocktail Bars


Cosmopolitan Cocktail Bars | From My Sweet Heart

I was once told that online friendships are not real.  Yet if that is so, why do I feel like I would give my last crumb of bread to so many amazing people that I’ve (never) met over the past year?  There are so many people from across the country (and out of the country!) that I can only hope I will have the pleasure of meeting in person one day.  Anna is one of those people.  She is incredibly kind, caring and sweet.  She makes the most amazing baked goods, takes the most beautiful photos and has one of the best blogs out there.  She makes blogging fun with her Chocolate Chip Cookie Mondays and her Blue Ribbon Challenges.  I especially love her 2 ingredient Chocolate Mousse, Buttermilk Blueberry Buckle, and Snickerdoodle Cupcakes with Brown Butter Icing!  And she is genuine, sincere and REAL!  And guess what?  I’m going over to her place today, and bringing these Cosmopolitan Cocktail Bars that I made for her!

So come with me to visit Anna at Crunchy, Creamy, Sweet.  You will see instantly why I adore her!  And you can find  the recipe for these luscious bars that are flavored with . . . . .


Cosmopolitan Cocktail Bars | From My Sweet Heart

. . . . . cranberry, orange, vodka and lime zestJust like the cocktail!  These bars are sweet, tangy and light.  They are perfect for the summer, but the tart cranberries will carry them into the holidays as well!


Cosmopolitan Cocktail Bars | From My Sweet Heart

So head over to Crunchy, Creamy, Sweet and say hello to Anna.  Come for a bite…..stay for the friendship!



  1. Beautiful, I’m going to see Anna!

  2. How pretty! I bet they taste awesome.

  3. I’m with you, Anne, on all those awesome people I have (never) met over the past year too! Such a pretty photo. These bars blow the cocktail out of the water! Off to visit Anna now.

  4. Great job Anne… just popped over after visiting Anna’s blog! Great guest post. :)

  5. So fun, can’t wait to check out this recipe. It looks amazing!

  6. Such beautiful looking bars! I’m going to go look at this blog! Enjoy your day! I’m having a Foodie Friend’s Linky party tomorrow! Would love for you to join!

  7. Ovo izgleda jako sočno i osvježavajuće. Baš bih voljela probati ovu zanimljivu kombinaciju. Svaka čast!

  8. I’m absolutely intrigued by that glossy top layer. It’s gorgeous! And it’s firm enough you can cut it into lovely bars. I tell you, it’s the greatest marriage of a lemonbar-type dessert and a cocktail I think I’ve ever seen. It’s magical!

  9. Sweet Anne! Thank you so much for your lovely guest post on my blog today! It was a pleasure to have you and your bars are my new obsession. Thank you so much, sweet friend! xoxo

  10. I met my husband online before the www existed in Orlando where I lived. I knew I had feelings for him but I wanted to meet him in person to prove he wasn’t the person I perceived him to be. I went 10,000 miles for our first date and he was perfect. He still is 17 years later. :) So yes, it’s definitely possible to have real friends you meet online.

    Off to see Anna!

  11. Yes, I love Anna’ blog and her recipes. And I agree with you that she is such a sweet and supportive friend.
    The cocktail bars look wonderful.

  12. These sound delightful!

  13. I just can’t help my mouth to drool, I mean i just love sweets, i love all those creamy, and sweet foods, just like this one, with just the first image, anyone that has the same addiction as I am, would indeed be engaged on reading on and know every detail in how to make these delicious treat, thanks for this post!

  14. A cocktail in bar form, can’t stop me grabbing a few – love them :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  15. These look absolutely fabulous & perfect for Girls Night In with Cosmos…I am off to visit Anna :)

  16. Online friendships are completely real! So love the wonderful people we get to know on here. :)

    These are absolutely beautiful, by the way! Perfect for a girls happy hour!!

  17. I can’t wait to visit. These bars are calling my name! Such pretty little treats. And I’m sure they taste incredible. Thank you for sharing!

  18. Anne and Anna, these are stunning! So colorful and tender-looking.

  19. I’m a huge fan of Anna, too…she’s a gem! Off to check out your guest post~

  20. Very creative, Anne! These bars look amazing! What a gorgeous guest post! :)

  21. Anne, these have to be the most exquisite bites I’ve ever seen. The soft pink; the flutter of lime zest, the jellied interior and the mere thought of a cocktail square ;-). Not only beautiful but so inventive… Your imagination never rests! You are full of surprises for us and this is just one example of your many successes. I would absolutely love to try these delights!

  22. Oh Anne these look amazing and I must have the recipe.

  23. Wow, Anne – these look wonderful & perfect for summer!

    We’ve missed you at Baked Sunday Mornings & hope you’ll be re-joining us soon!

    Take care.

  24. I swear I jumped up and down when I saw this. This is truly stunning.

  25. They look amazing! Almost too beautiful to eat! Love the creativity in this dish. Thanks for sharing =]

  26. Thanks everyone! I really enjoyed my visit with Anna and I really appreciate all of your kind comments! : )

  27. perfect for a girls’ night!

  28. Anne – this recipe, like everything else you post, is brilliant! I love turning cocktails into edible food. My next foray will be a Bloody Mary soup with a celery granita! Love how everything you make is so beautiful!

    • Anne Boeckl says:

      David, thank you so much and I feel exactly the same way about ‘eating my cocktails’. Your Bloody Mary Soup sounds divine and I’ll look forward to that recipe! Your blog is absolutely beautiful, great recipes and stunning photos and I’m so happy to have come upon it! Looking forward to following! : )

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