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So I joined a baking group called Baked Sunday Mornings.  The members of this group will post a featured recipe from the wonderful cookbook, Baked Explorations, by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito.  Ironically, the first baking assignment is Coffee Ice Cream!  Which is okay in my book because I happen to LOVE coffee ice cream.  And I needed to make this for another recipe I will be posting later in the week.

This coffee ice cream is different from the one I usually make because I don’t often use an egg base in my ice cream. I did like the creaminess of this ice cream.  But I should have listened to my gut regarding the amount of salt this recipe called for.  While I usually add a pinch or more, depending on the flavor I am creating….this recipe called for an entire teaspoon!!!  So while there is a nice coffee flavor (Kahlua is added!)….it almost took on a smoky, salted caramel quality. Unusual….but in a good way.  The recipe can be found soon on Baked Sunday Mornings.  I have been wanting to own this cookbook for some time.  And so I was very happy for the ‘excuse’ to have to purchase it!  This group will feature a new recipe to be posted every other Sunday.  And after perusing the many wonderful recipes from this book, I am definitely looking forward to many future posts! 
On a scale of 1-5, I will give this 3 whisks.


  1. Looks wonderful, Anne. Coffee Icecream is hard to get right but sounds like you’ve nailed it. Will check out Baked Sunday Mornings.

  2. I will be looking for this recipe-the ice cream looks wonderful! I do love my coffee-have a great day!

  3. I loved this, too!!! Hope they get caught up on the recipes soon :)

    • Liz….I got the idea from your blog. And when I was trying to figure out what I should do with my post….I went back to yours to see the Grasshopper Bars…..and then I realized …they hadn’t posted the recipe for those yet! So I am with you….I hope they will get caught up on posting the recipes, soon, too! And your ice cream looks divine…..would love to have a ‘cup’! : )

  4. This group sounds fun! I am about to have a cup of coffee right now! I’d MUCH rather have a scoop of this ice cream!

    • Tiffany….this group is new to me….though I’ve noticed some really great people participate. I think they are one recipe behind in posting though… hope they catch up soon! And this ice cream is definitely yummy! : )

  5. This sounds so fun and what better way to start it off? I love coffee ice cream too, this one looks wonderful, Anne!

    • I love groups like this, Cassie. It’s fun to see how everyone makes the same thing! I hope to learn that I’ve been accepted into the Daring Bakers this week. I’ve been waiting a whole month! But this ice cream would be so refreshing after one of your fabulous po’boys! : )

  6. What a fun group this sounds like, Anne! I’m with Tiffany, I wish my cup of coffee was a big scoop of this ice cream instead!!

  7. This is the way to start Sunday Morning Anne! YUM! Ice cream for breakfast. Okay, you may have started a bad trend in my life here. : )

    • Ha! Ramona! I thought this was an odd recipe for a Sunday morning baking group! But they are eventually going through every recipe in the book. So it had to happen sometime! Though you know……it would make a very nice iced coffee drink! ;- )

  8. This looks amazing! I really like coffee ice-cream and SO cool that you joined such an amazing group that is right up your alley!

    I can’t wait to see what you do with the ice-cream!

  9. Wow this is the recipe that going to make my husband very happy :) What a beautiful ice-cream :)

  10. Yum! I love coffee ice cream too. Thanks for pointing us over to the recipe. And what a cute little group!

    • Hey Russell….it should be a fun group! But I think they are behind in posting recipes and enabling us to link our posts to them. But the ice cream was pretty good! : )

  11. This is great Anne, I’m excited to see what you’ll be creating. Love the creaminess of your ice cream.

  12. Oh, my husband and I love coffee ice cream as well and yours looks gorgeous Anne. How great that you added Kahlua – must be delish! I will look out for the recipe…

  13. Welcome to the group, Anne! I love your ice cream-in-coffee filter photo — so creative! And it looks delicious!

  14. Hi Anne! Congrats on joining Baked! There are so many great people in the group, its fun to see what you all come up with each week. This coffee ice cream looks amazing– so creamy and perfect! I’m craving a big dish right now! :)

    • Hi Ryan! Thanks so much! I hope the site posts the recipe soon. Would love to link to it and be able to meet more members! But I’m looking forward to baking from this book! Btw….your coca cola cake, peach bundt and sweet potato salad look wonderful! : )

  15. I had the exact same problem with the salt, and also thought it tasted like salted caramel! Welcome to the group! Glad you are baking along.

    • Hi Rebecca and thanks for the welcome! Kind of weird about the salt, no? Not a bad taste….just not what I expected! : )

  16. Coffee & kahlua – what a perfect combination for an ice cream!

  17. A teaspoon of salt? That does seem high (and I’m a salt lover). Even so, your ice cream is gorgeous. I love the color. I’m a fan of the egg-based cream so I definitely would be all over this one.

    • Christiane…..just be sure to cut down the salt! It’s not exactly salty….it’s kind of a nice taste….just less coffee like and more salted caramelish. But it was DEFINITELY creamy! : )

  18. I wouldn’t mind some of that for breakfast next Sunday morning!

  19. This is my hubby’s favorite ice cream in the world. I really need to get an ice cream maker…

    • Oh Laura….you should get one! They are so much fun and fairly cheap these days. And I use mine all year round! Think of all the luscious seasonal ice cream you can make! : )

  20. I think your blog is a little too dangerous for daily visits. :-) I am a huge sweets addict and this is just too much! We love our ice cream maker, there are so many times we just throw this or that in to come up with a quick sweet treat. Love your pic too…it looks so creamy!

  21. Coffee ice cream is definitely one of my favorites! I love baking groups for that exact reason. I mean, what better reason to buy a new baking book right? It’s mandatory for the group!

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