Blood Orange & Poppy Sherbet


Blood Orange & Poppy Sherbet | From My Sweet Heart

I agree!  Orange is such a cheerful color!

As fruits go, I love oranges.  And I especially crave them right around now.  The holidays are over.  My months of decadent eating are a fading memory.  And I’m excited for recipes that include bright, tangy citrus.  AND, blood oranges are now in season!

What I love about blood oranges is that they are sweet and tangy and vary so much in their unique color.  I decided to use some to create this lovely blood orange and poppy seed sherbet.  Combining the juice with cream lends this beautiful peachy pink color.  The sherbet is both sweet and tart.  And the contrasting black poppy seeds provide such a delicate crunch. 


Blood Orange & Poppy Sherbet | From My Sweet Heart



Do you eat ice cream all year round?  I do!  I keep my ice cream maker busy with a  great variety of seasonal fruits, veggies and flavors.

The longer you freeze the ice cream, of course, the harder it becomes.  But in just 20-30 minutes, you can have a luscious soft serve ice cream.  I can’t resist a little cup right when it comes out of the ice cream maker!



Blood Orange & Poppy Sherbet | From My Sweet Heart


This is hands down one of the most unique flavors I’ve created so far.  I might even go as far as saying this is my favorite!  Such a pretty color (I love pink food!).  The poppy seeds, well they just pop!  And if you look closely, you can even see flecks of orange and lemon zest.  So so good!



Blood Orange & Poppy Sherbet | From My Sweet Heart


Here’s what you’ll need for this refreshing, sweet, creamy treat.


Serves:  8 (1/2 cup) servings

Level of Difficulty:  easy



  • 2 cups of freshly squeezed blood orange juice (about 8 oranges, but if you find you are slightly short of 2 cups, just top off what blood orange juice you have with regular orange juice.)
  • 1 cup of heavy cream
  • 1 cup of granulated sugar
  • 1 Tablespoon of grated orange zest
  • 1 Tablespoon of grated lemon zest
  • 1 Tablespoon of Grand Marnier liqueur
  • 1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract
  • 2 Tablespoons of poppy seeds
  • pinch of kosher salt



Blood Orange & Poppy Sherbet | From My Sweet Heart


Place 1 cup of juice and the 1 cup of sugar in a small saucepan.  Heat over low-medium heat, stirring until you feel that all of the sugar has dissolved.  Pour it into a large bowl and let it cool to room temperature.  Add the remaining orange juice, cream, orange zest, lemon zest, Grand Marnier liqueur, and vanilla extract and pinch of salt.  Mix to combine well and place into your refrigerator to chill (at least an hour).  Once the mixture has chilled and you are ready to make your ice cream, pour the juice mixture through a strainer and the pour the strained juice into your ice cream maker.  After about 10 minutes, once the ice cream begins to thicken, sprinkle in the poppy seeds in about 3 additions, making sure they are getting blended before adding the next.  Continue to churn the ice cream until it is to your desired consistency.  I have a Cuisinart 1 1/2 quart Automatic Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker.  I churned this sherbet for 30 minutes.

Of course, you’ll want to taste it right away!



Blood Orange & Poppy Sherbet | From My Sweet Heart


So chase away your winter blues with this sweet, tangy, creamy, crunchy, luscious blood orange sherbet!



Blood Orange & Poppy Sherbet | From My Sweet Heart


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    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Chris! And I just got back from oogling your beautiful ginger toffee cookies! What a sweet, warm, chewy treat! : )

  1. says

    Beautiful color! Coming from a gal that painted her camper pink – lol… This is truly a special Valentine’s Day dessert Anne. My hubby is making me braised short ribs for dinner and this sherbert would be the perfect dessert after a heavier meal. I haven’t made ice cream in some time. Maybe this weekend :) Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • Anne Boeckl says

      LOL…..Eileen…I figured YOU of all people could appreciate pink food! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Your chocolate pudding certainly would have made my day more special! : )

  2. says

    How luscious and pretty is this ice cream!! I never thought about poppy seeds in ice cream.. but it looks fantastic. Hope you are having a wonderful week… Happy Valentine’s Day. :)

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Ramona! I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! You certainly shared many awesome recipes for it! And your easy home made biscuits look awesome! : )

  3. says

    Everyone agrees. The pink citrus color is lovely! Even the thought of this sherbet is refreshing! I can only imagine that the taste is “summer time on a spoon”! :)
    p.s. How do you find such perfect quotes for all of your posts?! I look forward to each one. :)

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Aww thanks Wendy! I was so in the mood for citrus after all the holiday chocolate! And I write quotes down as I’m reading or I search for them. I LOVED your rosebud sugar cookies…what a great technique! : )

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Joan! 2 scoops coming right up! Speaking of elegant desserts….your beautiful gold, glittery cookies are sensation. Right off the cover of Bon Appetit! : )

  4. says

    I had no idea that blood oranges could produce such a beautiful pink color…The sherbet looks pretty, romantic, and so flavorful. With the poppy seeds, it reminds me strawberries. This is a great treat to celebrate such an important occasion as V-day! Wishing you a very happy V-day, Anne! xx

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Denise and I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s day, too. LOVED your bright and beautiful mango upside down cake! : )

  5. says

    That ice cream is beautiful. I love poppy seeds but I’ve never seen them in ice cream. I make a lot of ice cream at home and I put the container in a ziplock bag and keep it in the door of the freezer. Never gets too hard that way.

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Maureen! My ice cream never stays too long in the freezer….I can’t help but eat much of it right out of the machine! Love your beautiful and fudgy chocolate peanut butter cheesecake brownies….they look outrageously good! : )

  6. says

    Hi Anne,
    What a wonderful introduction to your blog. Who would have thought that Blood Oranges and Poppy Seeds would make such a delectable dessert. Perfect for today or any day!

    I don’t have an ice cream maker but my daughter does and once I tell her about this combination, I’m sure she will want to give it a try. She loves “playing” with her ice cream maker:) If I’m a good “girl,” she may even make it for me when I go to visit:)

    The color is gorgeous and I too just love that quote! Thank you so much for sharing, Anne. I had a scrumptious visit and will certainly be back for more.

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Hi Louise and how wonderful to meet you! I just got back from visiting your wonderful blog and I am a new fan! I’m going to rely on you for gardening tips. And you and I share a love for vintage things! Looking forward to seeing more when you get back from your ‘junket’! : )

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks MJ! And I’m looking forward to trying your beautiful apple,carrot and pecan slaw! Such a unique curry dressing for that! : )

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks John! And why didn’t I ever think to feature celery in a recipe instead of buying it for 2 stalks! Your celery, bacon, corn chowder looks so comforting! : )

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thanks Indre and I hope you try this! I definitely want to give your beautiful carrot, mushroom and pecan tart a try! : )

  7. says

    Hey, This post is looking so good and Amazing! A very well made post with beautiful pictures. I’ve bookmarked this special recipe of yours and would love to give it a shot soon. Thanks for sharing your well prepared and presented recipes. Shall look forward to your next post.
    Have a wonderful week ahead. Take care.
    Thanks & Regards, Sonia!!!

    • Anne Boeckl says

      Thank you so much Sonia! Your pesto, peanut pizza and lemon poppy cake look sooooo good! I hope you had a wonderful celebration! : )

  8. says

    Oh man, the combo of blood oranges and poppy seeds sounds out of this world! Blood oranges always get me with their color – so gorgeous! And yes for ice cream all year round!

  9. says

    I almost fell off my chair when I see this. I don’t remember seeing this in my inbox until today. How cool that we’re both in a Blood Orange state of mind. Too funny and this looks too delicious for me not to try it. I was telling the Mr at breakfast this morning that it’s time for me to start making ice cream again. Out goes the ham in the freezer and in goes my ice cream bowl!

  10. says

    I should have KNOWN this was you! I pinned it a few days ago because it looked both beautiful and tasty but hadn’t a change to check out where it was from. Of course, it’s you. You genius! I’ve been on a giant blood orange kick and they’re on sale at Wegman’s. This is happening soon.

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