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Hi everyone!  Welcome to From My Sweet Heart!

This is a website dedicated to all things sweet and yummly!  My name is Anne.  I live in a suburb of Washington, D. C. (but originally a proper Bostonian.)  Though I have made and photographed all of the recipes on this site,  I have no culinary background, food styling or photography skills.  But what I believe I share with anyone who happens to be reading this is a passion for sweet and savory baking and a desire to create some pretty amazing desserts!


Anne Boeckl | From My Sweet Heart



What I love about baking and dessert making is that it is a wonderful blend of science and art.  The‘experiment’ could go horribly wrong or it could turn out brilliantly.  But the reward is the opportunity to re-create it over and over until it meets your expectations.  My creations run from simple to sophisticated.  And while I like chocolate; I much prefer peach pie or madeleines or sticky toffee pudding.  Some of my favorite flavors to work with are almond, coconut and caramel.  And if they ever bottle lemon zest as a perfume…I’ll wear it!!!

I hope you find this blog to be a blend of a few things that I truly enjoy.  Outside of the kitchen, I love to read (especially classic literature), listen to music (especially old jazz or new Indie artists); and I love thrift store shopping and flea markets (some of the best places to find unique plates and kitchenware).  I love martinis and sweet, fruity cocktails!  And if it’s vintage, it’s meant to be mine!

When I told a hometown friend about my endeavor, he described my desire to blog as“one woman’s journey to find Zen in her kitchen”.  So true!  Where I used to find chaos, I now find a sense of accomplishment, order, discipline, and patience with myself.  And I also learn to be forgiving.  And that’s peace enough for me.

I dedicate this blog to my sons, Jeff and Matt because I always want to remind them to find something to be passionate about every day and to always do what makes them happy.  And well….because I just love them (even though they do make fun of my cooking lingo and tell me I watch too much Food Network!)

So I look forward to creating, exchanging, sharing and building; not only recipes, but friendships with all who love sweet things as much as I do!

(p.s. I began this blog on April 3, 2011.  And if you click on Yummly in the tag cloud, it will reveal my most favorite recipes on this blog!)


If you have questions or comments, or would like to work with me; please feel free to contact me at frommysweetheart@yahoo.com.



Contrary to popular belief, everything on the internet is NOT free.  As a matter of fact, all of the recipes featured on this blog, as well as my photographs are copyright protected.  They may not be used without my permission.

This means that while I’m happy to share everything with you, and I’m happy for you to print out a copy of what you like and share it with your friends, families, and coworkers; you may not copy and paste my recipes or photographs to be used on your website,  journal or publication as your own.  And while I’m happy for you to share my work with your Facebook & Pinterest friends, you may not copy and paste my entire recipes and photos to your Facebook or Pinterest page as if they are your own.

THE TRUTH IS that many bloggers profit from the publication of their blogs.  And for many bloggers, it is their sole source of income.  In order to generate that income, we count on views to our blog pages.  All we require is that you simply link back.  Those people who feature our work on their sites, on Facebook, and on Pinterest without the proper attribution and link back to our blogs, prevent us from picking up our paychecks.

Think about HOW YOU WOULD FEELCan you imagine putting in a tough 40 hour week at your job, but when you open your paycheck you are only getting paid for 28 hours?  It’s frustrating because you did the work and you simply want to be paid for it.  Nor would you like to spend 8 hours working on some aspect of your job only to watch your boss congratulate someone else at the end of the day for a job well done.   Well, it’s just like that for bloggers.  When someone features our pictures and ENTIRE recipes without crediting and linking to the blog source, it is taking credit for our work and stealing money from our paychecks. 

So all I ask is that you share responsibly.  Give credit where it is due.  And support only those sites that feature their own work, or who properly give credit and a link back to the original blog.

Thank you all, so much, for your awesome support!