Pink Prosecco Soup


“DO YOU HAVE A KINDER, MORE ADAPTABLE FRIEND IN THE FOOD WORLD THAN SOUP?”  Judith Martin (Miss Manners). Well today is the culmination of a week long celebration of SOUP!  Fourteen amazing women have come together, again with a theme.  This month, we are sharing our best and favorite recipes for soup!  And Miss Manners,…

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Chocolate Coconut Pie

Chocolate Coconut Pie | From My Sweet Heart

“IT ISN’T THE FLAVOR OF COCONUT THAT TROUBLES ME, BUT THE TEXTURE.  I FEEL AS IF I’M CHEWING ON A SWEETENED CUTICLE.”  Steve Almond. This quote really puts a grin on my face because I know that coconut is one of those flavors that people either love or hate.  For me, I LOVE coconut!  And…

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