Chocolate Strawberry Turnovers

Chocolate Strawberry Turnovers | From My Sweet Heart

“COFFEE MAKES IT POSSIBLE TO GET OUT OF BED IN THE MORNING.  CHOCOLATE MAKES IT WORTHWHILE.”  Author Unknown The cycle of a lazy Sunday morning.  I am too comfortable in my bed and my eyes remain closed as I contemplate how to spend this beautiful day.  Everything about this morning feels good.  And soft.  The…

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Raspberry White Chocolate Mousse

Raspberry White Chocolate Mousse | From My Sweet Heart

“A BLUSH IS MODESTY’S FIRST IMPULSE AND SOPHISTICATION’S AFTER THOUGHT.”  Anonymous There are many variations on chocolate mousse.  But I think none are more elegant than those made with white chocolate. This white chocolate mousse recipe is a lightly sweet canvas for any variety of fruit, flavors and garnishes.  Here, I’ve topped mine with some…

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Purple Potato Pizza


I wait all month for this day to come!  Kitchen Improv! Thanks once again to Kristen from The Frugal Antics of a Harried Homemaker for being the fabulous host of Kitchen Improv!  This is my absolute favorite group to participate in.  Kristen challenges us with 2 ingredients each month.  Sometimes the ways these ingredients can…

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