Pavlova with Spiced Pears & Blackberries


“THERE WAS A STAR RIDING THROUGH CLOUDS ONE NIGHT AND I SAID TO THE STAR, ‘CONSUME ME’.”  Virginia Woolf I’ve been been wondering what the fascination is with pavlovas.  While I’ve only had store bought meringues before, I have found them to be hard and crunchy, and not really in a good way!  So this…

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Life is Yummly!


“RIVERS KNOW THIS:  THERE IS NO HURRY.  WE SHALL GET THERE SOME DAY.”  Winnie the Pooh I have always loved the word yummly and use it a lot to describe anything that I taste that is insanely delicious!  And before I became acquainted with Yummly, the recipe search site, I had always associated this term…

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