Sunflower Seed Cookies


“EVERY FRIEND TO THE OTHER IS A SUN, AND A SUNFLOWER ALSO.  HE ATTRACTS AND FOLLOWS.”  Jean Paul Richter. Some days we could all use a little self imposed sunshine.  Such was my day today!  And while I didn’t intend on baking and posting today, a quick trip to the market had me gazing upon…

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Coffee Ice Cream

Coffee Ice Cream | From My Sweet Heart

BAKED SUNDAY MORNINGS:  COFFEE ICE CREAM. So I joined a baking group called Baked Sunday Mornings.  The members of this group will post a featured recipe from the wonderful cookbook, Baked Explorations, by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito.  Ironically, the first baking assignment is Coffee Ice Cream!  Which is okay in my book because I…

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Great Kitchen Reads - Yummy | From My Sweet Heart

A GREAT KITCHEN READ! YUMMY…..Caroline Brewester “ Desserts you can make in 5 to 30 minutes” I absolutely love this cookbook and refer to it quite often!  It is a great go to book for amazing recipes that take very little time.  This is particularly good when trying to whip up something special on a…

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Lotta Lemon Pie

Lotta Lemon Pie | From My Sweet Heart

“IT IS PROBABLE THAT THE LEMON IS THE MOST VALUABLE OF ALL FRUIT FOR PRESERVING HEALTH.”  Maud Grieve: A Modern Herbal (1931). Ahhhh Maud….I hope you are right!  Then there’s all the more reason we should all eat this sweet, creamy, tangy pie …and often!  It’s not that there’s a crazy amount of lemon in…

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Peaches and Cream Brulee


“LIFE IS BETTER THAN DEATH, I BELIEVE, IF ONLY BECAUSE IT IS LESS BORING, AND IT HAS FRESH PEACHES IN IT.”  Alice Walker. You like peaches, right?  I thought so!  And how about crème brûlée?  YES!  Me, too!!!  So it’s inevitable…..they have to come together!  Two simple flavors come together to create such a sweet…

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